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Bloom Dermatology

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Overview of the Design

Dr. Bloom is one of the premier dermatologists the state of Texas. Having completed a fellowship with Dr. Mohs for Mohs Surgery, we felt this website should put his credentials front and center. This is a very professional design with minimal content on the home page, helping to invite the reader deeper into the website to learn more about Mohs surgery and general dermatology.

The home page features an expansive header of scrolling images, including pictures of microscopic skin cells and images of healthy individuals safely baring their skin while enjoying the outdoors. After a brief history of Dr. Bloom’s dermatological training and experience as a Navy Captain in the Medical Corps, readers are invited to either contact the office directly or otherwise further explore additional pages on the site. For the convenience of new patients, we integrated downloadable patient forms directly into the site, as well as an extensive information library about dermatological conditions and treatments.

Use of Colors

Practice Logo

For this website, we stayed away from bold colors, instead opting for neutral hues and a white and gray background. This sends a professional message and allows the most important features to stand out, such as the brightly colored blue practice logo at the top of every page. It also creates vibrancy in the images that scroll across the home page.

Analysis of Design Elements

This is a carefully constructed custom dermatology website. We paid careful attention to every detail, from the beautiful scrolling images to the corner-to-corner use of screen space. Users viewing the site on a mobile device can click-to-call from any page on the site. Another impressive design feature is the large image library, which serves to define the various types of skin cancers and how they may appear on the skin.

Marketing Aspect

To market a dermatology practice online, you must reach potential patients in the targeted geographical area. Since Dr. Bloom serves patients from multiple locations throughout the Lone Star State, that means promoting all three of the practice locations – Lubbock, Greenville, and Bonham.  We created a locations page with interactive maps to each of the locations. We also underscored the qualifications of Dr. Bloom with seals and logos of affiliated associations, including the American Academy of Dermatology and the American College of Mohs Surgery.


Image the Website Reflects

This website projects a highly specialized image. The overall goal is to ensure potential patients and referring physicians feel confident in their choice of dermatologist. Throughout the site, Dr. Bloom is presented as an expert in his field – something that most patients prioritize when searching for a dermatologist online.

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