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Overview of Design

The Beyond the Smiles Dental website begins by welcoming visitors to the practice with a friendly face and a user-friendly navigational menu with links to other pages throughout the site. Visitors are given a factual introduction to the mouth, including many interesting facts that are not common knowledge to the average patient. Then, visitors are welcomed to the practice and given a brief overview of services, followed by the features that set the practice apart from the competition. Finally, we ended with information about the office, as well as links to news, promotions and posts from the practice blog.

Additional pages throughout the website provide a greater depth of information with an emphasis on patient education. Links to authoritative websites like the Mayo Clinic, CDC and American Dental Association lend credence to the practice, presenting it as knowledgeable and qualified. There are many detailed service descriptions, as well as an exhaustive list of available services sorted by category. Finally, the practice seeks to improve the patient experience by providing access to new patient registration and consent forms, as well as office instructions for specific procedures.

Use of Colors

Deep green can be associated with ambition. It also suggests stability and endurance. This could be a swaying factor for a patient who desires a practice that is dependable and committed to meeting the ongoing needs of patients. Likewise, dark blue is indicative of knowledge, skill, and expertise. Together, these hues make Beyond the Smile Dental appear very serious about the services and experience they provide to their patients.

Analysis of Design Elements

This general dentistry website was not created to “wow” patients with extensive special effects. Although the site contains some responsive elements, it is largely traditional, allowing the practice to stand on its own virtues and qualifications. We retained the margins throughout the site and implemented a slick layout that eliminated clutter. We also produced subtle effects, including a navigational menu that appears to light up when users mouse over their selections.

Marketing Aspect

When building custom websites for general dentists, we always have one end goal in mind: converting new visitors into patients. To facilitate that mission, we included many opportunities throughout the website to contact the dentist’s office, including several references to the office phone number, email address and physical address. We also included an integrated appointment request form that allows new patients to schedule a first-time visit directly from the website.

Image the Website Represents

The front-page model has a familiar, girl-next-door appeal that garners the trust of first-time visitors. The deep blue and green hues in this custom dental website set the background for a nearly galactic experience. The image of a smiling woman with beautiful teeth is surrounded by an understated burst of stars to the side of the screen. Scrolling downward, the colors blend seamlessly into one another, with sporadic, but brilliant pops of light reminiscent of stars in a night sky. It gives visitors the idea that the possibilities with Beyond the Smiles Dental are truly infinite.

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