Belpre Dental Solutions – Belpre, OH

Belpre Dental Solutions – Belpre, OH

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Belpre Dental Solutions in Belpre Ohio is home to patient comfort. The office and staff strive to facilitate a patient’s oral health in a relaxing and non-threatening office environment through advanced dental technology. Whether it is a simple dental checkup or a complicated implant procedure, both Dr. Huffman and Dr. Trinh are more than capable of handling any of your dental needs. To compliment the Team Belpre’s dedication to excellence, we came up with a website design that would be both eye-catching and informative for incoming viewers.

Overview of Design

We created a website design that would initiate visitor engagement by implementing a navigation bar that would complement the specialty. We incorporated hovering and receding effects over different parts of the website to ensure that the images would pop out. We placed an emphasis on the warm and inviting style that the client was aiming for by adding rich special effects to highlight the essentials that the site offered. The navigation bar alone is home to the team’s educational blog page and testimonials. We also dedicated enough wide space for ample navigation and user interaction.

Use of Color

Square Borders

To give the website a family orientated feel, we found the balance between image aesthetics and site symmetry by using a white and sea-green color theme. This theme allows the reading to be legible and easy to digest. In addition to the professional still shots provided by the images, the colors help add another layer of visuals. We primarily used different green hues to highlight calls to action on the home page and navigation bar. When placed side by side, the colors add a memorable aesthetic to the site. The white background gives readers ample reading space without feeling enclosed or clustered. White also presents the website as professional and approachable.

Design Elements

Navigation Menu

We provided drop-down elements along with square borders throughout the landing page to make sure that visitors knew what they would be serviced with at a glance. A distinctive layout of any homepage alone should serve as a great first impression for the incoming visitors. We tailored Dr. Huffman’s and Dr. Trinh’s website accordingly to ensure we would not over-dominate either visuals or volume of information on one particular page. We spaced everything out properly, allowing optimal reading digestion.

Marketing Aspects

We placed an immediate call to action on the landing page through a contact link for easy access. Without even scrolling any further, you are given access to connect with the Belpre team through several social media outlets on the home page. For testimonials, we implemented square borders to make sure that the interface was informational yet spacious. The pictures on the website are a clear reflection of the work ethic and the nature surrounding the Mid Ohio Valley professionals.

Image the Website Represents

This website speaks of dignity and sophistication in a family oriented business, a business that focuses its goals on ensuring that expert service is provided while maintaining a dignified family air.  This kind of build is perfect on businesses that rely on their sophistication and timeless natures to connect with their local clientele.

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