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The Jensen Brown website presents a solid design with an overall deeper toned theme. The use of the modern ‘Box Style’ website design makes it easy to navigate while remaining professional and informative. We knew that sophistication was going to be an important part of designing a website for a company that was situated in the heart of tech central that is Bellevue, WA, and our end result is a slick and savvy design.

Overview Of The Design

The overall design of the site is modern and artistic with beautiful contrasts and images that pop and catch the eye. Throughout the website, you’ll find striking layouts combined with an efficiency of design that really makes it all stand out. It uses a combination of full page design along with box design, and is fully responsive to the viewers resolution and device.

Use Of Colors

This site is a great example of black website design used to its full potential, with the dark background color being used to highlight the images and draw the eye directly to information about products and services offered by the company
• Contrast – Contrast helps to break down a site into digestible parts, as well as drawing the eye to areas that may require visitor action. This site makes beautiful use of striking colors and a solid background to create striking contrast.

Analysis Of Design Elements

Website design must focus on certain elements in order to be attractively constructed, and it’s an art form our designers have mastered over time.
• Space – The use of open space on this website ensures that there is no crowding, making the site easy to view and peruse for information.
• About Us – This website demonstrates that while a small About Us page is sometimes appropriate, you can also use them to provide an abundance of information to your visitors. Throughout you can establish your credentials and teach a little bit about how your company operates.

Marketing Aspect

Another important aspect of any website design is ensuring that your marketing game is on point. The Jensen Brown site utilizes several conversion driving techniques to ensure that your visitors become customers.

• Contact Information – Research has shown that having your contact information prominently displayed without being intrusive is essential to helping visitors become customers. This site provides that information in a beautifully designed footer that both establishes location with its stylized city skyscape and ensures contacting them is a breeze.

Jensen Brown Contact Form

• Simple Contact Forms – Contact forms are a valuable way to make contact with potential customers, but you can’t get too wordy or have too many fields to fill out or the customer may lose interest halfway through. This site clearly demonstrates how that can be done well.

The Image this Website Reflects

This website reflects a modern company that has a sense of decorum as well as a level of sophistication that ensures the most innovative forms of care. The images are bright and striking but are downplayed by the darker background, making it easy on the eyes in any lighting and at any resolution.

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