Azalea Center for Plastic Surgery

Azalea Center for Plastic Surgery

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Overview of the Design

Cosmetic surgery is a sensitive topic for many patients since it has to do with the alteration of one’s personal appearance. For this custom plastic surgery website, we let the pictures do the talking with an extensive display of real patient results. The website has a traditional layout and standard navigation bar, as well as a home page introduction to the practice and its background. We also included a featured services section on the home page that is designed to immediately redirect visitors toward the types of services they are most interested in.

Patient education is very important – especially for individuals considering elective cosmetic procedures. For this website, we included extensive information about each of the surgical and non-surgical services offered by the practice, as well as an opportunity to post videos as the doctor deems appropriate. For the convenience of new and existing patients, we included a section that provides information about what to expect during an initial consultation. This area of the site also includes downloadable patient registration forms, as well as a list of pre-operative and post-operative instructions.

Use of Colors

This website uses a divided color scheme. The primary basis of the site is blue and pink, which together yield a confidently feminine tone. However, we created a small, but prominent black and white space on the home page to stand out from the rest of the site and highlight some of the featured services available from the practice.

Analysis of Design Elements

For this site, the special design elements are subtle, but effective. Specifically, the scrolling before-and-after gallery draws the eye, and the full-screen width design fills up the screen with no space wasted. We also created enhanced contrast within the special services section, which appears when each of the service options are selected.

Marketing Aspect

The most powerful online marketing for plastic surgeons is a great website and a before-and-after image gallery. That sets the foundation for any other future online ventures, such as advertising. For Azalea Center for Plastic Surgery, we provided both – a beautiful custom cosmetic surgery website as well as a comprehensive page full of Dr. Moore’s real-life plastic surgery patients pictured before and after their procedures. We also integrated the office blog into the website, as well as links to the practice’s social media pages. Finally, we included an appointment request form for easy consultation scheduling.

Image the Website Represents

This plastic surgery website is all about looking and feeling your best. The profile of an ageless woman adorns the home page, as does a cursive font and the images of several women with beautiful skin and features. The idea is to create a space that is distinctly feminine, comfortable, and unpretentious.

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