Anita Goldstein, D.C. Chiropractic and Wellness

Anita Goldstein, D.C. Chiropractic and Wellness

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Dr. Anita Goldstein manages Chiropractic and Wellness over in Los Angeles, California. Due to the location and demographics, we knew that we would have to bring our A-game when it came to creating a website design that was both professional and modern. Dr. Golstein wanted us to create a straightforward website where the main goal was to educate and inform. We built a simple but sleek website design to fulfill her needs.

Overview of Design

We went with a traditional website design with marginal space. The home page serves as a mission statement and redirects incoming patients to the navigation menu. The navigation menu is home to all the different services and information Dr. Goldstein has to offer. Everything is kept simple and clean. Just like Dr. Golstein’s practice, the treatment speaks for itself.

Navigational Menu

Use of Color

When dealing with a specialty such as alternative medicine, you want to make sure the readers feel comfortable and safe. We incorporated a tan and sea-green color theme to help bring a sense of hope to the readers. There are also images on the top banner of each webpage that helps add a sense of modernism to the site aesthetic. Sea-green is primarily used to highlight calls to action or header information. Tan is the background color and helps readers digest the site content without straining their eyes.

Elements of Design

Articles Example

One thing that you will immediately notice from Goldstein’s website is the lack of extra photos. However, when your main purpose is to educate and inform, this can be great for viewers who just want to select information. Sometimes simpler is better. The spacing is expertly managed throughout the website. The ample background space allows optimal reading.The services page, in particular, is home to lots of information. Each service is essentially an FAQ that breaks down the issue in finer detail. The what to expect tab is a great breakdown of the entire chiropractic process and can turn skeptical visitors into committed patients.

Marketing Aspect

SSL Security URL

Dr. Goldstein’s website is protected with SSL Security. This means that hackers will not be able to get important client information. All the data is encrypted before being sent back to the database. The what to expect page is a great marketing tool for alternative medicine. People who fear alternative medicine tend to be extremely hesitant and condescending. This simple but effective tab can be the difference between a lead and a committed sale. The contact page has an interactive Google map for users to time their estimated time of arrival to the office. You never have to fear about being unable to find Dr. Goldstein’s contact information. We made sure it was displayed on the bottom banner on every web page!

Image the Website Represents

This site reflects a patient first approach to the visitor by providing copious information about the services they provide, and ensuring they start their relationship with the Los Angeles natives by learning about them and the roles they play.  The overall site is attractive and orderly, and is designed to quickly get the patient into the office without presenting a ‘pushy’ feel.


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