Anardi Family & Cosmetic Dentistry

Anardi Family & Cosmetic Dentistry

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Dr. Ryan Anardi manages Anardi Family and Cosmetic Dentistry in Auburn, Washington. Servicing at the forefront of cosmetic dentistry with the most advanced technology available, we wanted to create a website that would set them apart from the competition. Using a full-width layout, we created an elegant and classy site that would attract those in need of smile makeovers all across the State of Washington.

Design Overview

The website design is simple and easy to navigate. The navigation menu at the top of each web page is home to the different services and procedures in Dr. Anardi’s arsenal. The first step to creating the perfect doctor-patient relationship for any field or specialty is to be personable and compassionate. We featured an image of Dr. Anardi’s three children on the home page to bring in a sense of compassion and approachability to the site. Heading down the home page, users will find links to their various social media and services. Providing optimal health and care for families throughout the community is a key prospect in Dr. Anardi’s mission. We made sure that was clear from the very start.

Use of Color

Since we were dealing with a cosmetic specialty, we figured it would only be right to incorporate a light blue hue when designing the color theme. The site is predominately featured with a mixture of blue and grey. This allows for optimal reading accessibility. Most of the information on the website was to inform. We kept that in mind when choosing the color theme. The mixture of blue and grey is easy on the reader’s eyes. This allows them to digest the information in front of them with ease. The last thing you want to do on any website is to steer your readers away by using a harsh color theme. Grey serves as the main background color while blue is more steered towards highlighting calls to action.

Design Elements

We used square borders along with wide navigation to make sure the text and images were well maintained and never overpowering each other. When designing any website, formatting is particularly important. We ensured that we allowed open space for readers to steer and maneuver through. No one likes a cluttered page. We kept the formatting on the simple side – rich in informational volume, dense in quality.

The service tab in particular displays all the procedures and services offered. Each service is displayed side-by-side with a professional image. When you click on the actual title of the procedure, you are redirected to an additional page that breaks down the procedure in more detail. Navigating through this website is always a breeze. The navigation menu is always accessible and is home to any and all sources of information you may be looking for. All the design elements are comprehensive and flow well together in unison.

Images the Website Represents

The gallery tab on our navigation menu is home to several before-and-after treatment photos from Dr. Anaradi. This is a great way to show patients true, tangible results. It is crucial to establish trust within the patient-doctor relationship as soon as possible. When Patients feel as if they can trust you, they are more willing to commit to swinging by your office. All the pictures on the website reflect the professional manner in which Dr. Anardi operates under.

Marketing Aspect

At the home page, we made sure to incorporate a contact call to action as well a link to redirect incoming web-visitors to read past reviews. At the bottom of each web page, we also included a section for patients to make an appointment. The contact us tab also provides patients with additional office information as well as an interactive Google map that they can use to find their estimated time of arrival.



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