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Overview of the Design

We build custom websites for family medical practices, internal medical practices, and holistic/alternative care practices. Advantage Medical is a family practice that offers a wide range of family, occupational, and addiction medical care. The practice is built upon the needs of its patients, from those seeking preventive care to those in need of chronic disease management. That is why we filled the website with images of patients of all ages and backgrounds, from young children to adults.

The home page design contains no above-the-fold text – only large scrolling imagery, a small menu, and a few tabs that allow for immediate options for new patients, including current promotions and appointment options. Further down, there is a brief welcome to the office, an introduction to the doctor, and a list of services provided by the practice.

Use of Colors

We chose beautiful shades of brown for this website. This color is neutral, appealing to people of all ages and gender. Brown is also reminiscent of the Earth itself, implying that Advantage Medical is a good place to build the foundation for future health.

Analysis of Design Elements

The design elements in this custom family medical website are very modern and up-to-date. We utilized a full-screen-width layout that makes a strong statement and takes advantage of all the available space in the browser window. To make a bold statement with the header imagery, we also condensed the site menu down to a small menu that expands when clicked upon. The special effects are subtle but present. For example, we included a header bar that appears invisible until the user scrolls down the home page. We also created scrolling testimonials for the home page, as well as an integrated responsive map to the practice.

Marketing Aspect

When searching for a family doctor or primary care physician, many potential patients will browse and compare practices based upon the types of promotions offered by the practice. For that reason, we made it easy for Dr. Bebawi to run and link to special promotions directly from the home page. We also made it possible to request a consultation from anywhere on the site via a contact form or appointment request on each page. Finally, a page dedicated to the practice blog allows the practice an opportunity to seem authoritative by providing helpful information about the practice and its services.

Image the Website Represents

Since Advantage Medical caters to patients of all ages, we placed pictures all over the website of patients and families depicting a wide range of ages. Overall, the site projects the image of a family-friendly practice that serves the needs of all patients.

Website Designed by Optimized360

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