Advanced Allergy Relief & Wellness Center of Arizona

Advanced Allergy Relief & Wellness Center of Arizona

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Dr. Dylan Foster, Chiropractic Physician, Doctor of Pastoral Medicine, Functional Wellness Coach, Educator, Mentor and founder of Advanced Allergy Relief and Wellness Center, graduated from Life Chiropractic College West in Northern, CA. in 1997. He is a proud father and husband to a wonderful family and runs what his patients say is the “BEST WELLNESS CENTER IN ALL OF AZ”. His primary goal is to provide not just the best possible care to his patients, but to also provide the quickest relief and results for all of his patients. In addition, he focuses very heavily on education so that his patients can learn how to take control of their own lives and stop relying on him and other doctors. His bottom line goal is to not just help his patients get better, but address the causes at the foundational level so they can get off of what he calls “The dreaded treadmill” where people keep doing and trying the same things over and over yet go no where fast, while spending a lot of unnecessary time, money and energy.

Dr. Dylan Foster visualized a warm and inviting website that would allow his patients to feel comfortable while finding information about her practice.  The slideshow presents a warm feeling and welcome atmosphere for the sites visitors. Vibrant green accents are used to draw attention to the navigation menu and clean layout the website.

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