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We specialize in creating medical sites from scratch. Optimized360 is a leader in web design and marketing for medical offices. We are the highest rated online marketing company for medical practices.

Our designs are truly custom and exclusive to your area. Websites come with custom content and a large patient education library. Procedure videos and other resources are available. Your new site will be mobile responsive and integrated with your social media pages.

You will be able to edit the content of your website via an easy-to-use editor 24/7. We have earned a 4.9 out of 5 rating from Google users and doctors like you.

A short conversation with one of our experienced designers is all it takes to get you started.

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See our cutting-edge website here. For over 12 years medical practices have trusted us with their design and marketing needs. We offer a 30-day full money back guarantee on all our designs. You have nothing to lose. Give us a chance to impress you.


Our designs are simply better (see comparison). We create a design that truly reflects your image and attracts high-value Medical patients to your practice . See why our designs are different:

Stunning Graphics
Designed from Scratch
Custom Slideshows
Unique Intro Pages
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Area Exclusivity
No Templates
Own the Design
Own the Domain
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Practice Pages
Patient Edu. Library
Procedure Articles
Unlimited Pages
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Custom Design
One-Touch Dial
One-Touch Direction

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Medical social marketing logos


Custom Facebook
Custom Google+
Custom Map Listing
Custom Twitter

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Medical educational videos


Educational Medical Videos
Youtube Videos
Practice Videos

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ADVANCED TOOLS with superior quality.

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24/7 Online Website Editor
Add/Edit Pages
Add/Edit Images
Add Videos

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Custom Email Addresses
Online Webmail Access
Mobile-Compatible Service
Advanced Spam Control

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Appointment Request Alerts
Patient Forms
Online Surveys
Review Submissions

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Fast-Loading Websites
Multi-Browser Compatible
Free Software Updates
24/7 Monitoring

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HIPAA Compliant
Anti-Hacking Firewall
Virus Scanning
Uptime Monitor

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Daily Website Backups

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SEO Launch your website to the top!

SEO is extremely critical to any Medical marketing campaign worth a fighting chance. Optimized360 uses the latest technology in Search Engine Optimization, SEO, to enhance the online presence recognition.

Meta & Alt Tags
Advanced HTML5
Keyword Analysis
Specialty Content
Procedure Library
Custom Blog
Custom SEO Content
Client Content
Article Submission
Links & Reputation
Listing Submission
Proprietary Techniques

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MARKETING 1st Page in 3 Days

We have delivered millions of ad impressions, hundreds of thousands of web visitors and thousands of patients to our clients through our marketing program. Get your share of online Medical patients.

Max Conversion
Keyword Research
Competition Analysis
Effective Ad Creation
Accurate Geo-Targeting
Quality Ads
Image Ads
YouTube Ads
Facebook Ads
Diverse Medium

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THE 360 PROCESS. See our streamlined process!

We understand that Medical practices are busy managing appointments, patients and staff. We have simplified our process to help our clients get their websites up and running as quickly and efficiently as possible. That means more time for new patients!

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You will complete a simple form indicating your goals and ideas. Our designers will assist you throughout the process, making sure we have a solid understanding of your preferences.

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We will use the information gathered in Step 1 to create a design concept for you. This stage may require a few rounds of drafts and changes until we produce a design you love.

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When the design is approved, we'll send it into development. We'll activate buttons, sliders and information. This process only takes 1 week!

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In a few days, when your site is completed, you can review and make final changes to its content. You may make text changes, add images, and go live when you are ready!

Medical Website Design Details

Total Personalization

Working as a physician, you know how crowded the healthcare market can be. Many doctors – including specialists – must compete with other physicians for patients in their cities. A quick search on Google for doctors in your area will return a list of websites from local providers. If you take the time to browse those websites, you might notice that the highest ranking sites are those that have been customized with unique web design and rich content that is personalized to the practice. What you are not likely to see are templates or prefabricated designs.

Custom Websites from the Ground Up

When you choose customization for your website, you are gaining more than just an attractive and professional appearance. Instead, you are launching a one-of-a-kind website that is built 100 percent from the ground up. At first glance, it might be impressively eye-catching. However, it is the intricate details beneath the surface which give credence to your site in the eyes of search engines. The custom, inner structure of your site can determine whether it crushes the competition or falls far below the first page of search results.

Making the choice to leave cookie-cutter sites behind in favor of from-scratch designs means working directly with a developer. Never settle for someone who boasts custom web design without understanding the structure beneath it. For example, we have competitors who advertise site customization for your practice. They may deliver on unique visual effects, only to overlay the design onto a pre-built template. The colors and pictures may be personalized, but the overall layout is not.

Real customization provides a total and complete design built to your standards, Google’s requirements, and most importantly, your patient’s expectations. All of our sites are created with search engine favorability and user-friendliness in mind. We believe that your message of professionalism and exceptional care can only be conveyed with a from-scratch design – not a generic reproduction. After all, the sky is the limit with customization.

Why Optimized360?

Our team of web designers only works with doctors and dentists like you. We do not take on clients outside the healthcare industry, which means we understand the unique needs of your practice. We will build your website from the ground up with a striking design that is search engine-friendly. Our team offers a wide range of customizable features, including:

Fresh is always better; that includes web design. Templates, which are often free or low-cost, can actually hurt – not help – your organic search engine rankings. Unfortunately, poor rankings typically mean less traffic, and in turn, fewer new patients.

We do not believe in templates and would never risk our integrity by pre-designing your site before seeking your input. Your preferences are the basis for our work. Your brand and website should be a reflection of your practice. Why align your image with your site when it should be the other way around? Your site is only finished when you are fully satisfied with the final product. We will go back to the drawing board time and again until you have a site you are proud of.

Geographic Exclusivity

With regard to your medical practice website, your goal is to be the cream of the crop. Why settle for second-rate when excellence earns the respect and interest of potential patients? A premium website will shine in a crowd of dull ones. It is your job to stand out from the rest, and we here at Optimized360 can help you do just that. We are dedicated to serving our customers with complete exclusivity, which guarantees none of the medical care providers in your market will have the same website design. It is all part of our promise to promote and protect your individuality.

Regrettably, not all web developers think the same way. In fact, many of our competitors make their greatest profits by reselling the same designs to multiple physicians – including those who compete in the same cities and regions. Worse, some fail to alter the content on those sites, severely damaging SEO, diminishing traffic, and harming the brand’s identity.

You Own It All

Why invest in something that you do not own? When you trust Optmized360, you have total rights to your website, design and your domain. Our competitors like to back you into a corner, forcing you to sign a long-term contract or accept a website that is only compatible with their limited private platform. At Optimized360, we believe you should be in charge.

For us, that means giving you total control of your website, no matter what. There are no contracts and no catches. It is just total freedom of choice that we believe you deserve. We stand behind our product and know that when you have the best, you will never want to settle for anything less. With a proven business model, excellent service and unsurpassed expertise in our industry, we aim to meet and exceed your every expectation.


If content is king, we can make you royalty. After your site visitors get passed the beautiful, custom design, they will be deeply submerged in attention-grabbing content that is unique to your practice. We do not use fillers. Instead, the information on your site is meant to highlight what makes you special, whether it is your use of advanced medical technology or many decades of experience serving your area. From the core practice pages to our vast library of procedure, technology, and educational articles, you have unlimited possibilities with Optimized360.

Practice Pages

At the core of your website are the unique pages produced specifically with your practice in mind. These are the pages about your practice, staff, services, and other important information. Practice pages are the first pages most visitors will see on your website, and they always contain the most relevant details for potential patients. They are never copied from other providers. Instead, they will personally welcome your guests and encourage them to explore your website or make an appointment.

Procedure and Technology Articles

As a physician, chances are you offer unique services not available from other physicians in the area. Whether it is a new and exciting therapy, a revolutionary surgical technique, or the latest cosmetic procedure, our procedure and technology articles can highlight the services available through your practice. From state-of-the-art office technology to innovative treatment options, we want to highlight what sets you apart from the rest.

Patient Educational Library

Our expansive collection of educational content is at your full use when you choose Optimized360 for your website. Our medical copywriters have generated a library of pages and articles that provide a thorough and comprehensive explanation of many of the most common medical services and conditions. We have content that spans a wide range of medical specialties and is adding to it all the time. If you cannot find content for a particular service or condition, let us know. Our medical copywriters are always available to generate content according to your needs.

Unlimited Website Pages

We go the extra mile at Optimized360, and that means providing you with unlimited pages for your website. We do not put a cap on the level of service we are willing to provide. We believe that putting limits on your site is like restraining your potential. Of course, we only succeed if you do; so why limit your possibilities?

Choose Optimized360. We’ll handle the website. You take care of your patients.

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