Are you doing enough online marketing for your medical or dental practice?

You’ve Got a Decent Website.
What Are You Doing to Market Yourself?

By now you have been convinced of the benefits of owning or making a professional website for your medical practice. You either built it as a DIY project or outsourced the work to external professionals. They delivered a unique and aesthetic medical website and now you find yourself wondering what’s next?

The next step is marketing your practice (brand). Factors such as modesty and the desire not to annoy potential patients makes most of us perform terribly at self-promotion. By understanding the relationship among factors such as promoting your medical website, building a reputation for your practice and enticing new patients to connect with your office, the easier we’ll be able to market ourselves without annoying people.

Good marketing loosely translated is creating demand within your target audience while placing your practice in a good position to meet these demands. The following are some ways you can start marketing yourself, if you have a decent website. If your website is weak, contact Optimized360 immediately, together we will repair your brand.


Marketing for small medical offices

Let's get down to business and discuss marketing your medical practice.

Ways to Market Your Practice

Identify a Target Audience

You will need to understand your potential patients on a deeper level. Research and study the latest trends associated with your area of practice. This will make it easy to tailor marketing strategies that will attract the types of patients you need and want. For instance, a dentist can offer dental services in a town where research says soda and candy intake is on a high. This will also put you in a better position to know what content needs to be on your website. For more on this topic, please see this article.

Know your USP

If you interact with people who deal with sales and marketing then you’ve definitely heard of this term. USP (Unique Selling Point) refers to the “It” factor that makes your practice or brand stand out from your competitors. Identify your USP as soon as possible and be sure to let your target audience know of it. If it is an area you are specialized in and your competitors don’t offer the service, let your audience know. Differentiating your brand from what is in the market will make it easy for both your competitors’ and new patients. Once you identify a USP, make sure you let people know about it.

Inbound Marketing

This is a marketing strategy that involves attracting traffic to your medical website by using content that the consumer will relate to and find relevant. This is a better strategy than using traditional marketing strategies such as using mailing lists and radio advertisements. This is because people rarely read promotional emails and radio advertisements. Follow current trends and come up with fresh and new content that will attract patients to your medical website.

Use Really Good SEO

Employ the use of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) which is an effective online marketing strategy that attracts people to your medical website. It uses the relationship of what people are searching for and what you have to offer. It exploits this relationship to push the new people towards your website. You will need to come up with unique keywords that will make it easy for search engines to display your medical website.

Social Media Platform

Use social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter to market your practice.

These factors will help you market your practuce and your brand more easily.

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