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Your medical website represents your medical practice; make it stand out!

The highly competitive medical industry requires a sustainable presence in order to compete. Your medical website represents your entire medical practice to new patients, and it helps to bring back old patients as well. Here are some of the best ways to help it stand out among the competition.

Creating a Design From Scratch

Although you may have some choice of templates, you should design your website from scratch using a professional web design partner. Templates do not give you the ability to customize your website to the unique specifications of your business, and you never know who else is using the same template. There is nothing worse than creating a website that looks like five other doctors in your area – you will confuse your audience and give them no reason to deal with you rather than your competition.

Design templates that come to you half completed also give you very little in terms of adaptability. As websites become more in depth, you should be able to add third-party apps to your site without dealing with too many hiccups. Templates do not allow you to do this; creating a website from scratch does.

Lastly, a design from scratch gives you the ability to set your own look. You need to have your own look in order to create a full brand, and you cannot have a medical practice without having a full brand online and offline to build from. Although the site may take a bit longer to put up initially, it will last much longer, reducing the total cost of the marketing.

Streamline the Sales Funnel

Every website should be an information portal and a sales portal. The sales portal is just as important as the information portal because the sales funnel that you create will support the information that you give. The funnel needs to be streamlined – every mouse click that you can eliminate between the initial landing page and the conversion page will raise your conversion rate by around 7 percent.

Streamlining the sales funnel means that every page on your site is streamlined. Each page should have a theme that is central to it without any distractions. It is much better to have a very deep website than to try to crush too much information into a few pages. This allows for a better keyword structure as well, giving your website more of a chance to gain visibility within the major search engines.

Your conversion page should be especially focused, with the sales button centralized and surrounded by white space so that the potential customer knows exactly what to do without a prompt.

Explaining Yourself

Your website should explain exactly what your practice does. Too many medical professionals try to increase visibility by appearing general. This will only bring in unqualified leads that cannot even be followed up because the highly regulated medical practice does not allow a specialist to even deal with patients outside of that specialty. If you have a dermatologist website, why would you want phone calls from people who have something wrong with their feet? You must be sure that your website separates you by field as well as by aesthetic.

You can set your keyword structure to reflect your specialty so that your website makes its way into the appropriate lists within the major search engines. This will help your site get viewed by the right people. Although your total visibility may be lower, you will actually get more calls from people who are looking for the services that you provide.

Explaining your practice without professional lingo is highly important. Remember who your audience is – you are not trying to market to other doctors. A medical professional who is trying to appear too smart is only losing potential patients. Make sure that you are communicating with your audience and not filling your ego as you fill in the content of your website.

Website Organization

The way that you organize your medical website is also very important, and it may be just as important as the content that you place on the site. You can look at your competitors to get an idea of what your audience is looking for, but you should always look to improve the organization of your website beyond that of your competition.

Every site organization will be different because of the unique audience that each medical professional will attract. One of the best ways to discover what your audience wants is to initiate a small PPC campaign for each of your proposed pages. The page that seems to gather the most initial energy from a potential audience should be the landing page, and the other pages should fall in line behind it.

Increasing Search Engine Optimization

Not only must you organize your website for human visitors, but you must also optimize your website for the major search engines. Google, Bing and Yahoo control anywhere from 85 to 90 percent of the traffic on the Internet, and in order to be seen, you must play the game of visibility within these three major markets. Some marketing experts have estimated that if you are not on the first 3 pages of Google for your preferred keyword, then your website may as well not even be on the Internet.

Optimizing your website should be a part of the design, especially if you are creating the site alongside a professional web design partner. Optimization basically means fulfilling the proper organization for each aspect of the website. For instance, all of the pictures that you use must have meta tags, a caption and a file name that all correspond to the keyword that is central to the theme of the page. The content of the page should be linked with anchor text that corresponds to the central keyword as well. However, the writing must be good enough to use different iterations of the keyword so that you will not be penalized by the search engines.

Putting it All Together

The way that you put your website together will be the way that people see your entire medical practice. Following the tips above will ensure that you always have your best foot forward with a professional marketer. You will always need to keep your ear to the street in order to maintain a connection with your audience and keep up with the technical innovations that affect web design in the future. If you can use these tips, you are sure to have a website that will stand the test of time and bring people into your office who are looking for the medical solutions that you have to offer.

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