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Your Dental Website Gets Traffic, But Where Are the New Patients?

Website traffic. It’s the holy grail of many Internet marketing plans. For medical and dental practices it can seem like the be all and end all of success. But the truth is your website traffic is only a small portion of the success equation. In fact, many practices find themselves meeting their web traffic goals, but still not getting the new patients that they need to grow their business.

If your website is like many practices, it might be in need of a makeover to help your website cater more to new patients. Because if your web traffic is up, but leads are down, then chances are your dental website design is targeted more at current patients rather than future patients.

So, what can you do to attract more leads and grow your business through your website and what might be causing your traffic woes?

Traffic Woes Explained

There’s a variety of reasons as to why you might be acquiring the wrong kind of traffic. One of the most obvious reasons is that your website isn’t ranking for terms that are particularly effective (read about search engine optimization and rankings). Acquiring the wrong type of traffic is the most common reasons you’re not getting the conversions you want.

If your keywords are effective, but you’re still not getting leads, the issue might be that your lead magnet or offer is not compelling. The lead magnet is what you use to get people to submit their information or book an appointment. The most common lead magnet used by dental offices is a free consultation.

Now, let’s say that your offer is a free consultation and people aren’t taking advantage of it. The next step is to evaluate whether it’s the offer or how it’s phrased. Perhaps you need to call it a “complimentary consultation” to get people to take action. The efficacy of this offer and how you phrase it can be tested through A/B tests. Set up a test that splits the number of time “free consultation” and “complimentary consultation” are shown to site visitors. You’ll quickly see which one is most effective.

Now, if the results are similar, it might simply be that your audience wants something else. Offering something like free teeth whitening or a free cleaning with x-rays might be a way to add more context to the offer and get more leads.

Simplicity is Your Friend



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In website design, simplicity is your friend. The more complicated your interface the more likely people are to bounce from your website. It is overwhelming to them and makes finding information difficult. Additionally, with majority of people visiting from their cell phones and tablets, your website’s messaging, goals, and user flow needs to be painfully obvious and easy to achieve.

One of the best ways to achieve simplicity is to rely on negative or white space in your design. This allows important elements like call-to-action buttons to breathe and brings attention to them.

Another important part of simplifying your website is to make it responsive. Responsive websites render perfectly regardless of the device or browser they’re being viewed on. This means that a person on a tablet will get just as good of an experience as the person visiting on their phone.

Buttons are easy to click and images load perfectly. All of this makes a huge difference in how a user experiences your website.

Effective Website Design for Healthcare Providers


Your website’s navigation should be designed to meet the needs of new people visiting your site. Think about it. If a person is coming to your website looking for your list of services, then it would be ideal that they find your list of services quickly and easily.

The navigation of your website should be intuitive. Don’t leave people guessing and clicking around in order to get an answer to questions they have. Doing so will encourage them to bounce from your website and head on over to a competitor’s.

About Us

Another important part of medical marketing is to stay transparent with those who are visiting your site. Visitors want to know who you are and what you’re about. Create an about us page that gives people an inside look into what your values are and what you can offer them.

By creating an about us page that speaks to your audience, you’re encouraging people who are potential new patients to learn more. You’re opening a door and inviting them in.

Contact Us

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A contact us page is a crucial part of getting new leads. Website’s that don’t have a contact us page don’t look trustworthy and are losing out on opportunities to interact with potential leads. The contact form provides a non-intimidating way for people to ask questions and get in touch with you.

You should provide more than just a contact form for people to get in touch with you. Provide a map to your office, a phone number where they can call, and even a fax number in case they need to fax something to you. One of the more recent contact options is text message, which is becoming an increasingly more popular and efficient way to connect with patients.




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Reviews are a crucial part of getting new patients. Why? Because people trust their friends. People want to know that the dental office they’re interested in visiting is one that is worth visiting. They don’t want to come in for a cleaning only to feel as if they’ve been overlooked and their time wasted.

Reviews can be posted on social media or directly on your website. One of the biggest advantages of reviews posted on websites like Facebook are their ability to use the power of peer pressure to influence people to visit your practice’s website and eventually become patients. Read about the power of Facebook reviews.

Testimonials included on your website offer visitors an opportunity to view honest reviews from people who have interacted with your practice and also makes it easy for people to submit reviews without having to log into an account like Google or Facebook.


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