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Working with a Membership Website Development Company is a Mistake

For healthcare professionals looking to grow or expand their practice, one of the essential parts of this project is the development of a website. A website will give practices the exposure that they are looking for and help to increase their customer base. Unfortunately, building a strong website that both shows up in search results and is easy for visitors to navigate can be a major challenge. Therefore, many healthcare professionals, such as optometrists, will turn towards a website developer for help. A website developer is a professional company that has the expertise necessary to design a strong website that will lure in customers and increase the exposure of the company; however, many optometrists will turn towards web developers that might be affiliated with their specialty. While this might be comfortable for the practice, they often do not give optometrists the results they are looking for. Membership website developers have some shortcomings that every healthcare professional should consider before signing on with this group.

First of all, one of the goals when it comes to a website for eye care doctors is to develop a unique design. Because membership website developers often work with a multitude of different professionals in the same field, they already have a template design for a website put together. This template often will have a few color schemes for the customer to choose from, perhaps a few pictures of smiling pictures, and a detailed layout of where the different piece of information for the website are supposed to go. The developer will often explain to the customer that this is a proven design that has gotten great results for their other customers; however, this simply isn’t true. A template website design has many flaws, including getting penalized in the search engine results rankings and failing to separate the practice from the competition. Optometry website designs should help an optometrist stand out from their competition. This is the only way that customers will remember a practice once visiting the website. To stand out, the website design should be unique. If it blends in with the other websites, there is no way for a customer to tell the difference and understand why one practice offers advantages over the other.


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Next, the membership fee that optometrists pay for membership website development only grants them a name recognition. The membership website development company might be well-known, but this doesn’t mean that the company is going to help with their search engine optimization, conversion results, or the rankings. In essence, all the practice is paying for is the name recognition. The website development company will claim that this surcharge is necessary because of the recognition the development company has; however, this simply doesn’t do anything positive for the optometry practice. Paying this charge doesn’t mean that there is a higher conversion rate when people visit the website. Paying the membership fee doesn’t increase a website’s rankings in the search engine results. Finally, paying the membership charge certainly doesn’t mean that their optometry website designs wind up optimizing the website for search engine results. This membership fee is only a charge for the name recognition and doesn’t do anything positive for the website for eye care doctors. Do not get lured in by the glow of a membership fee and claims about the importance of name recognition. Results are more important than any brand.

Furthermore, optometrists looking at developing a website might also notice that the membership pricing might vary between companies or even vary within a company depending on the different membership levels they are offering. They will claim that the more the customer pays, the better the results will be; however, this simply doesn’t have any correlation to the results. No matter what the membership pricing might be, they still offer a number of templates that people can choose from and all of these different templates are going to offer similar results. Frankly, no company can promise that their results are better than another company’s simply based off of the membership pricing level that the company is paying for. Regardless of the membership pricing, going with a templated website will always have the same shortcomings. This is why custom websites for an optometrist is a better website for eye care doctors. Do not believe that a higher membership pricing will lead to a better result. Throwing money at a company will not mean that the website will lure in more customers. Do not get fooled by the claims of a membership website development company.


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Finally, once the hard work and the checks are written, most optometrists will assume that they will take control over the website that they spent a significant amount of money to build. Then, they realize that they have been misled once again. After the website is put together, the domain is frequently still owned by the membership development company. This has a significant number of implications. First, this means that the website development company still owns the rights to the web page and can use this as leverage for future negotiations. For example, the membership development company may decide to charge the practice a maintenance fee simply to keep the multimedia and graphics on the website functional and updated. Next, the membership development company might offer to sell the domain to the practice for an exorbitant fee. This probably seems ridiculous because the practice already paid the company to design their website. In fact, this is ridiculous; however, this happens fairly regularly with membership website development companies. This all winds up costing the practice a significant amount of money that could have been avoided by going with different optometry website designs. Some could argue this is the biggest reason to avoid membership website development companies. Therefore, practices should lean towards custom websites for optometrist instead.

Ultimately, there are numerous reasons to avoid a membership website development company. They use templates that do not translate into search engine results rankings while charging exorbitant website development fees that do not translate into a quality website. On top of this, they often retain the rights to the domain name and squeeze more money out of their customers. Thus, optometrists looking to build a website for eye care doctors should go with a custom website design instead. These are unique websites that translate into better search engine results rankings because of their relevance and their ability to stand out from the pack. A custom website design offers optometrists the ability to work closely with the developer and retain complete control of their product.

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