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Why SEO needs to be utilized by medical specialists more.

Anyone who has tried to open or run their own business understands that technology has completely changed the way the business world operates. People used to look to something called the yellow pages to figure out what kind of services were available in their area. Now, most people don’t even get the yellow pages anymore. Instead, people often turn to the internet to find the service that they are looking for. Therefore, it is vital that anyone trying to open their own business has a website that people can find by using a search engine. This is the most common way to grow a business because almost everyone uses a search engine, such as Google, to find a product or service. Of course, people won’t find a website unless it shows up towards the top of a results page. There are important keys to remember when designing a website to ensure a business is visible.

One of the most important pillars of designing a website is called SEO. For people who do not know, SEO stands for search engine optimization. It is the term used to describe optimizing a website specifically for a high ranking in a search results page. As stated above, the key to growing a business through the internet is to make sure a website shows up high on the search results rankings. Search engine optimization focuses its energy specifically on this purpose. For people who are physicians, they may wonder why this matters for them. Most doctors have heard about growing a practice through referrals and are probably doing pretty well for themselves. There are several important factors that every physician should keep in mind. This is helpful not only for designing a website but also growing a business before the competition gets too fierce.


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Some physicians think that medicine is different because it deals with life and death issues. While this is certainly true, running a private practice is the same as running any other business. The key to the survival of both a general business and a physician practice is customer acquisition. A business will not grow or survive if it does not have loyal customers. Physicians often think that the competition in medical specialties isn’t that fierce because there isn’t another specialist around the corner; however, this is what people used to think about dentistry. Now, most cities are flooded with general dentists. The market is too stiff for most general dentists who now have to think about other ways to survive. While the competition in medical specialties may not be there currently, it is bound to grow over the next few years. Most physicians know that medical school applications and residency application numbers are only growing. This means that before too long programs will be adding more seats to train more doctors. This will contribute to a larger number of physicians practicing in a given area. It is important to get the jump on the competition before it gets too fierce.

One of the key ways that physicians can get ahead of their competition is to take advantage of SEO or search engine optimization. SEO for medical doctors is the same as for other businesses. When people look for a certain product or service, there are certain common keywords and phrases that people use to find what they are looking for. The search engine will comb the countless websites on the internet looking for these keywords and phrases. SEO for medical doctors will tailor these keywords and phrases to exist in certain places on the website that will make sure that every search engine recognizes the relevance of this website. This will place the website at the top of the search engine rankings. Medical specialists should take advantage of SEO for medical doctors before the competition grows. Everyone knows that the younger generation is tech savvy. They are bound to take advantage of this information. Get the jump on everyone by using this before anyone else gets there.


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Also, search engines also look at the recency of the links, videos, and images on a website. Search engines such as Google want to see that this information is regularly updated. The belief behind this thinking is that if the website is regularly updated with new information, it is likely that this business is still up and running. This means that the website is likely to be more relevant to the person looking for the product or service. Updating the information on a website regularly is great because it keeps the website fresh and helps with search engine results ranking.

Furthermore, one of the biggest keys when designing a website is to use a custom website. A custom from scratch website is always better than a templated design for several reasons. First, search engines will also check to see how unique a website is. If people use a template design, it looks like the thousands of other websites out there. This is going to hurt the search engine results ranking. While template website designs might be cheaper up front, they actually cost more in the long run because these websites will have to be redesigned when they fall in the search engine rankings. A custom from scratch website will usually establish a long-term relationship with a designer who is happy to keep the website updated. Finally, a custom website allows the client to have a large degree of input into the design of the website. The client should have input in the design because it is ultimately their website. Therefore, go with a custom from scratch website that will establish a long-term relationship and earn a high ranking from search engines.


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While this all sounds great, medical doctors are busy people. Most physicians don’t have time to learn about designing a website around optimization for doctors let alone putting together the entire project themselves from scratch. Therefore, it is vital to contact the professionals like Optimized360 who have been putting together websites for countless physician practices. Optimized360 has a proven track record of impressive results. Physicians should always look to dominate their geographic area first before the competition can catch up. This starts with optimizing a website around Google. Optimized360 has a unique mix of young professionals with fresh ideas and experienced veterans with the expertise necessary to get the job done. Optimized360 has put together an impressive litany of results that demonstrate the capability to put together custom websites for doctors. Website optimization for doctors can be a challenge. Therefore, physicians should trust the professionals to get the job done right the first time.

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