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Why Optometrists Choose Optimized360 for Website Needs

Our experience speaks for itself. With over 2,000 sites under our belts, we are clearly doing something right. Between our competitive pricing and 30-day money back guarantee, you can’t go wrong checking out what we offer regarding custom website designs for eye doctors. To top it off, Optimized360 has a 5-Star Google rating and has ranked #1 on Google for over 10 specialties. Google AdWords and Google Analytics are available to clients because of our partnership with Google. If you want to make sure your optometric website is available on any device, anytime, anywhere, we have the ability to make that happen.

Exclusive, Custom Websites


Optometric Website Design for Dr. Durocher


We don’t play the template game at Optimized360 because we prefer to provide each client with a highly customized website. Optometrists can rest assured that there will be no local competitors with the same design elements. Our experienced graphic designers start from scratch and include stunning graphics to enhance the visual appeal of your website. We understand that looks won’t hold up to scrutiny if the website is slow and difficult to navigate.

Our optometric websites are created with the user in mind. Fast loading times and multi-browser compatibility ensures prospective patients can open your website quickly and efficiently from a variety of browsers like Chrome, Internet Explorer, and Firefox. Free software updates and clean code will keep things running smoothly. Once the design is complete, you are the owner of both the design and the domain. We do not hold rights preventing you from taking your website elsewhere. Instead, we offer superior services to reassure clients they have made the right choice in choosing Optimized360 for their website needs.

Online and Off-Site Marketing

The main purpose of website design for optometrists is patient conversion. To maximize conversion, we do your homework for you. We research keywords that will bring visitors to your website through search engines and do a competition analysis, so we know what your direct competitors are doing successfully to attract new patients. Our online marketing team uses meta + alt tags, and clean HTML/PHP/CSS to boost traffic. Ads are another way we increase the number of visitors to your website. Not only do we re-market ads, but we also create image ads, YouTube ads, and Facebook ads.

Social marketing is used to connect with both prospective and current patients. We get you set-up with a custom Facebook page, custom Google+ account, and a custom Twitter presence. Add to that a custom map listing, and you grow more visible in the search engines rapidly. Offsite article submission builds your reputation as an authority in your field. Links are created to relevant local businesses and events off-site, so your visibility improves even faster. Reputation management allows you to deal with negative reviews and boost the impact of the positive. We help make you look good in the eyes of future and current patients.

Quality Content


Paper on clipboard that says High-Quality Content


Educational optometry videos created with the help of a spokesperson or YouTube videos provide a way for patients to learn in a non-threatening way. A procedure library provides articles patients, and visitors can peruse in their own time. A custom blog does much the same regarding patient education but tends to be updated more frequently. Keep in mind, the longer a person explores a website, the more likely they are to click the call-to-action button. Quality content is one way for optometric websites to retain visitors long enough for them to become patients.

Email & Patient Communication

Email is still a solid way to connect with prospective and current patients. We provide custom email addresses and online webmail access. In doing so, we have offered advanced spam control to make email campaigns run more smoothly.

Patient communication can come disguised as patient forms, online surveys, review submission, and appointment request alerts. Whatever forms are available must work toward the goal of converting visitors to patients.

Mobile Compatibility

In today’s technologically advanced world, a website must be mobile friendly to keep up with the times. If portions of your webpage are cut-off, it is likely not adaptable. An automatically responsive design adapts the website, so it is fully functional regardless of the platform or piece of technology is being used.

One-touch dial makes it easy for people to call their friendly neighborhood optometrist when they are out and about using their phone. One-touch directions will ensure people don’t get lost on the way to your office.

Online Editor & Visitor Reporting


Analytics Reporting


One might wonder why an optometrist would need to edit their website. Search engines take note of how frequently websites are updated and reward those that stay current. Having 24/7 access to the online website editor allows people to add or edit pages or images as new information becomes available.

Google Analytics helps you analyze a variety of information. You will get stats on things like ROI so you can put your money to use where it is most effective. Perhaps most helpful is the fact website traffic is tracked and reported. You are then able to strengthen weaker performing areas and solidify the high performers.

Reliable Servers

In the field of optometry, like any other medical field, HIPAA compliance is paramount. We start you out on HIPAA compliant servers, which means all traffic is encrypted on its way out, a way in, and when in storage. An anti-hacking firewall prevents others from stealing sensitive data. Virus scanning can prevent a loss of data due to mal-intent of a different sort and daily backups make sure information is recoverable if it is corrupted. Our servers also allow for uptime to be monitored, so you feel confident prospective and current patients have access to your website whenever they need something.

Convinced Yet?


Optimized360's Page for Website Design for Optometrists


Optimized360 is a company that specializes in developing websites for the medical community. Our team understands how your optometric website must look and function to help increase conversion rates. We work together to create a vision for the website and then put our 10+ years of experience to use during the initial design phase. At Optimized360, we offer custom design packages at the cost of many template packages. Unlike other design firms, you end up as the owner of both your design and domain. With our top-notch medical marketing and SEO, we aim to get you onto the first page of Google searches and ultimately bring new patients through the door.

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