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Why Optometrists Choose Optimized360 for Website & Marketing

Superior Optometric Website Design

Prospective patients often begin their search for optometrists online. Optimized360 works closely with clients to set design goals, so their website stays true to their brand. Each website is created from the ground up, so you are guaranteed a custom site that is unique to your region. With our design team at the ready, you can expect to see the benefits of your exclusive website within a week. Not only do we create one-of-a-kind websites, you retain ownership of both the design and domain.

  •  High-Quality Content

Our design services include patient education videos created either in-office or through the use of a spokesperson. A library of educational articles on available services is valuable to prospective and current patients. Blogs are another source of information patients come to trust from their optometrists.

  • Responsive Design

We create websites for optometrists that are responsive, meaning the website automatically adapts to any device. Mobile responsiveness comes with the added benefits of the one-touch dial and one-touch access to directions. You will find yourself above the competition when patients can explore your website at their convenience.

Engage Patients Through Social Media


Social Media Icons


Social media is a powerful force that allows optometrists to connect with a wider audience than ever before. Building relationships with new patients and continuing positive relationships with current patients is a major goal of social media. Optimized360 makes it easier for you with hands=off social marketing program. We do the legwork so you can stay focused on patient care. Not only do we write and update blog posts that are relevant to your patients, but we also improve your reach on social media sites.

Our graphic designers work closely with optometrists to create customized pages on Facebook, Google+, and Twitter. By increasing the online activity between social media pages and your website, your search engine ranking is inadvertently improved. The more often your articles and blog posts are shared, the more visible your brand becomes.

Boost Ranks with Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Website design for optometrists may look incredible, but if patients cannot find your site, it is of very little use. Medical marketing ideas must incorporate the expertise of design experts that understand how to enhance recognition by the main search engines.  Optimized360 focuses on both on-site and off-site SEO.

  • On-site is the portion of optimization that occurs during the design process. It is the work we do behind the scenes before your website even goes live. Our team builds Meta & Alt Tags into the design of your site. Google algorithms love clean HTML/PHP/CSS. We know what it takes to start your website off on the right foot.
  • Off-site SEO is the building up of website rankings through online activity. Comprehensive keyword analysis and research is one aspect of our team approach that will ensure you are visible on search engines. As far as marketing investment goes, SEO is an extremely cost-effective way to bring new visitors to your optometry website. To ensure your ROI is where it should be, we provide full visitor reports and access to Google Analytics.

Grow with Improved Local Visibility


Visibility written on a laptop


Google My Business is the branch of Google that connects multiple services. Among those are Google Maps and Google Reviews. When patients in specific areas search for optometrists, it is vital there is a listing associated with your practice on Google Maps. It won’t do much good for patients from across the country to click on your practice’s website since there is very little chance they will convert into patients if they are 1,200 miles away. It is crucial designers have incorporated accurate geo-targeting methods that will ensure the people looking for services in your are will find you, no problem.

Optimized360’s marketing team understands how Google+ and social networks incorporate reviews. These reviews are often connected to both the local map listing and your website, so patients will have immediate access to information that used to be available primarily by word of mouth. This makes online reputation management services a key component of attracting new patients.

Manage Your Online Reputation

People are turning to review websites like Yelp and Google+ to read about local optometrists and the quality of the services they provide. Prospective patients often trust their peers for honest opinions more than they trust other health care practitioners. As technology becomes more convenient and user-friendly, more people will turn to the internet for information on optometrists before they ever set foot in your office.

As humans, it is inevitable that you will end up with a patient that is unsatisfied with some aspect of services rendered. Google and Yelp are in the business of providing access to the reviews; they won’t remove negative reviews just to be nice. Contacting the person who made the review is impossible if they left no contact information. Anonymity emboldens many keyboard warriors. At Optimized360, our online reputation management services provide you with the necessary steps to take to give you more control over your online reviews. You will end up with high-quality reviews prospective patients will come across on the first page of Google.

Connect to Patients with Online Marketing


Two business people connecting a circuit


Optimized360 pulls out all the stops when it comes to getting your name where it needs to be on a regular basis. Our relationship with Google has allowed us to deliver millions of ad impressions. The goal of any online medical marketing campaign is to convert visitors into patients. It is important to have both on-site and off-site optimization that ensures that you are connected to patients looking for optometric services. Give us three business days to boost your rankings, so you show up on the first page of a Google search.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) ads allow you to put your brand in front of millions. You only pay when a prospective patient clicks the ad to visit your website. Successful marketing campaigns like PPC ads are only considered successful if your Return On Investment (ROI)  meets and exceeds goals. Optimized360 has experience creating ad campaigns that pay for themselves and create profits for optometrists.

The Optimized360 Advantage

We have expert marketing and design teams that work together to convert visitors to patients. Our marketing team uses cutting-edge medical marketing ideas to bring patients to your website, and our optometric website design sells people on the quality of your services. Contact us to learn more about how our team approach to website design for optometrists will take you far beyond the competition.

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