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Why Optometrists Are Keeping Their Eyes On Site Analytics

The website design that an optometrist chooses is important whether you are trying to attract new patients or attempting to meet the needs of current patients. Site analytics are a critical part of ensuring that your website is performing the way you intend. Here’s what you need to know about this numbers-driven component to your website.

Important Components for Successful Website Design for Optometrists

Successful optometric websites rely on four broad categories — some of which you might have heard about previously. If you think of these necessities as a triangle, digital marketing — which includes the ever-important aspect of SEO — would be at the top, followed by usability and web design, and site architecture and on-page elements. The last category, which takes up the triangle’s base, consists of keywords and content. All of these elements should rest on a foundation that is comprised of site analytics and web intelligence.

What Site Analytics Can Do for Your Optometric Website


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Site analytics — often also referred to as web analytics — provides a focus and direction for all medical marketing strategies for optometrists. Without being able to effectively track the results of your digital marketing, you won’t know which elements are working and which need to be tweaked in order to support your goals. At the bare minimum, using site analytics provides the data you need to track your site’s visitor engagement.

Site Analytics can deliver a wealth of data that you can use. A few of these uses include determining the following:

  • the keywords that lead site visitors to you
  • the best day of the week and time range in which you should add posts to your website  based on traffic patterns
  • where the traffic that lands on your site is coming from
  • the posts, pages or other factors that attract the most people to visit your site
  • if the traffic that arrives at your site is converting into leads

Putting Site Analysis to Work For You

Making sense of the numbers that are returned to you via the site analysis tools that you choose to use can help you better understand both the content and the keywords that you should focus on to make your website successful. Sometimes, it can be difficult to know exactly where and how to begin when it comes to using the right keywords and the types of content that will best help you reach your goals.

Taking a simple approach might help you get started. Consider who your audience is and build your content with them in mind. Anchor your content in the services and products you offer to your audience.

For example, as an optometrist, you are concerned about the health of your patients’ eyes. Ensure that your targeted keywords are ones that people who want to protect their eyesight — or improve it — would put into their favorite search engine. Relate your content to those conditions or consequences that could occur in people who need to have an eye exam.

Using site analytics tools such as Google Analytics and Adobe Analytics provides the data you need to confirm that you are choosing the right keywords and content. These analytical tools also deliver proof when the strategies that you are using are not working as you expected.

Your Website Design and Site Analytics

The value of using site analytics tools goes beyond simply letting you know how well your keyword and content strategy are helping you reach your goal. Your website needs to be optimized to appeal to search engines so your audience can easily find it and engage with it.

Once on your site, visitors need to be able to easily find what they are searching for, such as signs that they need glasses or reasons they should schedule an eye exam. Your site should also make it simple for visitors to do what you want them to accomplish. For example, make it easy for your visitors to contact your office to make an appointment or ask questions by putting your contact information, including your telephone number, on the header or footer of each page of your website.

By using web analytics, you’ll be able to see where your site visitors are going when they land on your pages. You can determine how long they stayed on each page as well as track the different ratios that are involved with performance, conversions and more.

Getting a Clear Picture of Your Website’s Performance


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The methods that you use to market your business online should take into consideration all the data that your site analytics tools deliver. In fact, this data should serve as the baseline from which all your marketing activities evolve. These efforts will then propel your website into delivering the performance that you expect and desire.

Whether you are deciding your strategy for your next PPC campaign, retooling your social media presence or tweaking your SEO, the data collected and displayed by your site analytics should be used as a guide. Doing so will help you:

  • decide which content to add to your website and when
  • figure out where your advertising dollars are best spent
  • pinpoint those activities, channels and/or sites that push more traffic to your website and provide the best lead conversion
  • define many more crucial decisions that will improve the return on your investment

Takeaways About Site Analytics

Site analytics are an often-overlooked necessity when it comes to marketing strategies for dentists, optometrists or any other healthcare profession for that matter. It’s important that you put them into use and ensure that they are set up the right way to deliver useful data to you.

Once you have site analytics set up though, you’ll need to know how to analyze the data effectively so you can then use it to improve your optometric website. Having the data aggregated on a dashboard or summarized in a report is a vital step to making sense of it. Without a way to use this data to improve your website, you risk falling short of your business goals.

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