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Why OB/GYN Professionals Choose Optimized360 for their Marketing and Web Design


Optimized360 is a marketing and design firm specializing in website development for doctors, dentists, and other healthcare professionals. For more than ten years their team has created more than 2,000 unique websites from scratch, and their designs have garnered them the highest ranking among all online marketing companies specializing in medical practices. Optimized360 is the number one company in OBGYN website design for a multitude of reasons.

Optimized360 has created a niche in the market for personalized gynecological and obstetrical websites that reflect the particular brand and personality of your practice. They do this by never employing pre-made sites or templates. In an era of duplication and multiplicity, it is refreshing to see a company that that is willing to take the time to get to know the unique qualities of each of their clients. The result of this practice is a fresh, artistic look to their pages that will highlight your site, and provide you with the perfect place to showcase OBGYN marketing strategies.

There are several 3 OBGYN websites that Optimized360 highlights on their pages that I will analyze – Premier Women’s Healthcare, Premier OBGYN, and Amare Concierge. I will compare frontpage website design, with an eye toward how each page achieves individuality while incorporating a few medical marketing ideas and strategies that will increase your site traffic and attract new customers.

OBGYN Website Design


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  1. What is your brand? In other words, what do you want your practice to be known as?
  2. What is unique about your practice?
  3. Is contact information immediately visible, or does it take several clicks to find what you’re after?
  4. Are the photos and color scheme attractive?
  5. Social media links?
  6. Can you find any products on sale quickly?

Premier Women’s Healthcare

This practice’s brand is the statement “Individual care for a woman’s individual needs…at every stage of her life”. This statement appears prominently on the front page next to constantly changing pictures of women at all stages of her life, from childhood to senior years. Clickable buttons with primary services below the pics. Immediately underneath the “Book an Appointment” block, there is a button for Robotic Surgery. Sounds fresh, interesting, and cutting edge, right? Even though the vast majority of OB/GYN practices offer this service, it sounds unique here. Contact info immediately apparent, top right of the page. Photos are very clear, attractive, full of smiling women. The color scheme:  shades of green and white. Facebook Like and Share buttons in top right corner. An arresting choice of a side profile of a woman dressed in a flowing sheet holding a contrasting pink flower. Underneath the robotic surgery button, there’s a button called Online RX Store. Click on that, and you can immediately buy such products as prenatal multi-vitamins, belly oil, fertility and Kegel exercise trackers. All of the above shows up nicely on mobile devices.

Premier OBGYN

Optimized360 created a unique and interesting website for these OB/GYN professionals. This practice’s brand statement is “Dedicated to women’s health in all walk of life, ” and it remains constant on the front page while a stunning array of pictures of smiling women loops past. Four different photos have the spotlight for 8 seconds each, adding interest and avoiding a flashing stream of images that gives some people headaches and eye problems. The colors used on this page are very different than the norm – soft shades of brown and gray are distinctive and soothing to the eye. Physician’s names are prominent front and center, but the real star here is their unique logo – a heart with an image of women’s breasts incorporated – which can be seen top left on the name of the practice. Different font style for each word in the title draws our attention without understanding why. Phone and fax numbers are prominent at the top right of the page, as are social media links for Facebook and Google+ (social media links are repeated at the bottom right). This page is ideal for mobile access. Potential clients can ask immediately for an appointment, without having to scroll down endlessly or click repeatedly.  A static ribbon of options is conveniently placed near the top. Locations are at the bottom of the page. Mid page features a positive testimonial, some text, and a few relevant links. The overall look of this page is tasteful, interesting, and unique.

Amare Concierge

Optimized360 really outdid themselves on the uniqueness factor of this webpage. The scroll down factor is high and starts with the arresting image of an almost nude very pregnant woman at the top of the page. Firm name to the left of the woman, and brand statement colorfully featured to the right of the woman: “Live every moment, laugh every day, love beyond words” in vibrant highly readable white and pink letters. A simple menu link is furnished at top right if you don’t want to scroll, but I imagine most people would scroll down after seeing that top image!  A slight quibble with the “Be who you are” section of the page. The font color chosen is unreadable against the dark hair of the model. This could be changed by making the letters of the text lighter, or white. Continuing the scroll we meet Dr. Draion Burch, and his smiling photo is making a heart with his hands, is very friendly and lighthearted. The quote by “Dr. Drai” is warm and inviting. Scroll further, and there is a very interesting section of reviews. Just click on the logos. A video section follows. The bottom section is as unique as the rest of the page. Potential clients can contact Dr. Drai, using boxes posted over the image of a woman sexily covering her body sari-like with a sheet. Social media links to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ and more are provided. All in all, an arresting, interesting, and provocative webpage created by Optimized360.

A few more OBGYN marketing strategies that Optimized360 employs, and a summary

Optimized360 has its finger on the button of current OBGYN website design. Gone are the days of cookie-cutter, pure vanilla pages. It is obvious from the pages above, that Optimized360 is great at putting the personality of the doctors, as well as the practice’s unique characteristics, front, and center on their webpages. These digital marketing experts combine the good, the not-so-good, and the slightly weird into one interesting, accessible website. Contact information is easily accessible, as are social media links. With an Optimized360 medical website design in place, it’s an easy matter to fine-tune your site, using a few innovative marketing ideas. For example, you can add a blog, some local links, a FAQ, or any other section based on the questions and desires expressed by your patients.

It’s not a bad idea to add a few statistics, awards, success rates, and testimonials to your page, especially if they spotlight how good your OBGYN practice is. Have a link on your front page to get feedback from your patients. A Youtube video or two is an easy way to both educate and entertain your patients. Finally, thank your patients somewhere on your site, and encourage them to tell their friends about your unique services.

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