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Why is WordPress Better than HTML for Web Development?

When people go and open a medical practice, they quickly realize that medical school did not prepare them to run their own business. While some doctors might think that they don’t need a marketing strategy because everyone gets sick and eventually needs a doctor, they will soon realize that competition is stiff for new doctors with new medical school opening up and training young physicians in record numbers. For this reason, a marketing campaign is key and the digital space is the new playing field. This is why medical practices always need a top-notch website. This website needs to be visible in the digital space to grow a practice or the practice will not survive. With this in mind, there are two options that people typically think of when it comes to designing a website. They need to decide between WordPress and HTML. Which is the better option to choose? The first step is to describe both options before comparing them in terms of medical website design.

What is WordPress?


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WordPress is the modern way that many practices design websites. This is known as a content management method because users are in control of the content that they put up on the page. When people create a WordPress account, they are creating an administration account. This account has special privileges that allow users to modify the content that is on their web page. While this might take a little bit of learning to get used to, people will quickly realize that they have total control over what goes up on their website. WordPress is becoming common in today’s world.

What is HTML?

Most people have heard the term HTML before. For those who don’t know, this is the classic way that websites are designed. From almost the beginning, websites were designed using an HTML format. This is a kind of code the determines what goes on websites and how it is displayed. Many people who major in computer science learn about HTML in school and are able to apply it to design websites.

What are the Detailed Features that Compare WordPress to HTML?

Now that people are familiar with both website formats, it is time to describe the features that WordPress has over HTML.

Updating Ease:  Everyone who has experience in a physician practice knows that change happens quickly. partners retire and new partners are brought on board. Legislation changes the way that the practice operates. The practice witches to a new electronic medical records system. The practice has expanded its services to offer more options for patients. These are all reasons that the practice might have to update their website. With WordPress, this updating process is very easy. All anyone has to do is log into the account and change the website. With an HTML format, every little change will require the attention of a professional. This means contacting a service and having them update the website. This takes a longer period of time and time is money. Don’t wait around for this to happen by trying to hire someone to mess with an HTML website. Doctors can maintain their custom website design for medical doctors by using WordPress.


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Total Control: Medical school is a challenging lace and doctors simply have knowledge that people cannot understand without attending medical school. This is why doctors are in the best position to determine what information goes on their medical website. Doctors might struggle mightily to explain to someone else how to code the information on their website with HTML. This can create a headache and slow down a practice and cost time that they don’t have. Instead of struggling to ask someone else to translate the medical information, doctors can do it themselves. After all, they do it for patients every day. Doctors can use WordPress to build their own website in a custom website design for medical doctors. This ease of use gives doctors total control and allows them to design their own website. Doctors are in the best position to communicate the benefits of their practice to prospective customers.

Cost: When doctors open their own practice, there is a significant amount of capital that is involved. Doctors need to find a building to run their practice, purchase all of the equipment, and hire nurses to help out with patient care. This represents a large cost and doctors don’t want to spend a lot of money to open up a website. WordPress saves physician practices a significant amount of money because the doctor designs their own website. If doctors decide to go with an HTML design, they have to pay someone to code the website. Furthermore, they have to hire someone to update the website if changes need to be made. This cost adds up quickly and can quickly become a financial anchor for the practice. Instead of having to hire someone to make changes, doctors should just make the changes themselves with WordPress. This is certainly a cheaper option and the medical practice can use these cost savings and put it towards expanding the capabilities and staff of the practice.


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A Powerful Engine: One of the issues that many people have noticed with an HTML website is that the website is outdated. It simply doesn’t have the same capabilities that modern websites have. For example, WordPress is a powerful engine with access to numerous plugins that can change the face of the practice. This is a medical website design program that can add awesome features such as adding in a photo gallery that is filled with smiling patients, adding in some contact forms that people can fill out to be added to their email list, and even a way for people to schedule appointments online. This goes back to customer service and patients will be satisfied with a WordPress website. This will ensure that they come back for future visits. Use WordPress to have access to all of these outstanding plugins and more. HTML simply doesn’t offer these capabilities.

Ultimately, it is important for physician practices to take advantage of modern technology to ensure that they have an edge over the competition. WordPress has more capabilities than HTML that will save practices money. As the practice changes, they will be able to easily update their WordPress website to reflect these changes. Furthermore, WordPress is capable of doing much more than HTML. These additional plugins and features are what set WordPress apart from the competition. For medical website design, go with WordPress and set up a custom website design for medical doctors.

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