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Why are Responsive Websites Superior to .Mobi?

As the internet has become a cornerstone of the business industry, many people have transitioned to using the internet to attract new customers instead of the traditional commercials, billboards, and yellow page advertisements. This is a fantastic marketing strategy because most customers also use the internet to find the products or services they’re looking for; however, the internet has changed drastically over the past decade. With the advent of the smartphone, many people use their phones to do a significant amount of their shopping and appointment scheduling. Therefore, many industries have developed websites that are compatible with mobile devices. This is important because keeping visitors happy is the key to growing a business. Most people are familiar with the website ending .Mobi as signifying the site as mobile friendly. On the other hand, these sites are often cumbersome for people with desktops or laptops looking to use this website. This causes many businesses, including doctor practices, to run two separate websites for mobile users and traditional websites. Frankly, this is time-consuming, and it would be easier if there were a single website that was compatible with everyone. This is where responsive websites come in. Responsive medical websites are key for a wide number of reasons that everyone should take advantage of when setting up a medical website.

Why are Responsive Websites Important?

1. Google Likes Responsive Websites


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There are multiple reasons why people should rely on responsive websites instead of the typical.Mobi websites. First, Google recommends that websites make the shift to responsive websites. Because Google is by far the most popular search engine, people should heed their advice. When Google says they “like” something, they mean that websites using this format will rank higher on their search engine results rankings. This is the entire goal of using a website. By winding up on the first page of the results rankings lists, users will increase their visibility and have access to an eager customer base. If Google recommends that businesses use responsive websites, businesses should use responsive websites. This will translate to a higher ranking on the Google results page.

2. Responsive Websites Help the User Experience

Next, people should use a responsive website because of the users and potential customers like this aspect. It is not unusual for users to come across an interesting site on their phone and want to access it from home on a laptop or desktop later. It is cumbersome if the same website that was seen on the phone doesn’t work on the desktop and vice-versa. Users enjoy being able to use the same website on multiple devices. This makes it easier to track and makes it easier to share with their friends and family who might be using a different device. This leads into the marketing aspect of responsive websites. If people can share the site with their friends and family, this is free marketing for the company. Any business that is interested in having some additional marketing should take advantage of the way that responsive websites are easily shared with other people. The entire idea of a website is to market the practice. Responsive websites make this easier.

3. Responsive Websites are Easier to Manage

Also, responsive websites are easier for the doctor or website design company to manage as well. If people have separate websites for separate devices, each website has to be managed individually. This means running a separate SEO campaign for each website. This translates to more work keeping the images and graphics updated as well as making sure the site is unique, and the keywords are present. This is a significant amount of extra work that people do not have time for. This extra time and extra work translate into more opportunities for mistakes. Everyone understands that managing one website instead of many is significantly easier for everyone involved. Rely on a responsive website design for doctors to minimize the time spent managing a website. This means more time spent helping patients.

Despite this, Many People Maintain Separate Websites


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1. Change is Hard

People would be surprised to learn that a large majority of websites are still separated into mobile and desktop design websites. This is largely due to people’s reticence to change. Many people set up a separate mobile website before responsive custom websites for doctors became available. People are reluctant to spend the time and money to make a drastic shift in the way they manage their website. While this is an obstacle, the biggest problem with maintaining these two websites is that the design is not consistently updated. This is because most website design companies prefer to work with responsive medical websites. If the design is not updated consistently, the search engine will notice this fact and penalize the websites in the search rankings. Google already knows that it prefers responsive websites. If the mobile website also isn’t updated consistently, this will only further penalize the website in the rankings.

2. Responsive Websites Save Time and Money in the Long Run

Everyone is reluctant to make a shift in the way they manage their websites because the old ways are comfortable. While the time and money spent designing a website might be a hurdle, they save money in the long run. Remember that managing two separate websites costs extra time nad extra money over managing one website. Furthermore, as more and more people shift to responsive websites, companies are going to charge more for managing a mobile website because this is a dying website design structure. Furthermore, most people are going to have to shift to responsive websites eventually because users like this website format. Having a responsive website will become necessary for retaining present customers and acquiring new ones. Doctors looking to save money on their website design costs should go ahead and make the shift to responsive medical websites now. It is going to have to happen eventually anyways.

Invest in Responsive Custom Websites for Doctors

As more and more people look to schedule their medical needs on their phones, it is more important than ever for doctors to have a mobile-friendly website. While many practices already have a mobile website, it is even better if the same website is accessible from both desktop or laptop devices and mobile devices. This will improve the user experience and is attractive to search engines such as Google. Contact a qualified company with a high retention rate and a proven track record of results for more information on responsive and custom website design for doctors.

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