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Why Active Blogging is Critical to Any Dental Practice

Why Active Blogging is Critical to any Dental Practice

If your dental practice has a website, statistics show that conversions occur more often on dental websites that have updated blogs rather than dental websites without blogs.

The algorithm used by Google for searching favors dental websites that have fresh content and are updated regularly. An often overlooked blog topic is using an actual video of a procedure being performed such as the first fitting of Invisalign brand braces.

There is nothing worse than visiting a professional site where the last blog was published over six months ago. It doesn’t show patients that you follow through on keeping things current. Of course, content automation services and ghostwriters can help with writing your weekly post and automating the posting process. Many companies exist that can provide these services at an affordable cost. The highly effective use of blogs to keep people on your website longer and likely to convert to a request for more information or an appointment is much higher than websites without a blog.

Your blog will inform and educate your existing and prospective patients in an engaging way. Managing blog entries on just a weekly basis is a time sink, but, content writers thrive on the consistent work. Consider using an Internet marketing company that specializes in online dental marketing for help.

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