What You're Missing by Missing Out on Accessibilit

What You’re Missing by Missing Out on Accessibility

As a doctor running a medical or dental practice, make it a point to have a website that is accessible to all.

Making medical and dental websites accessible to everyone increases the number of possible visitors; it may provide significant financial benefits, and accessibility is the proper thing to do legally and morally.

Let’s dive a little deeper into a few things you may be missing if accessibility hasn’t been a concern.

Having a website that is not accessible can be costly and it's wrong

Web accessibility carries with it obvious economic benefits, plus it has social and PR benefits, it avoids potential litigation issues, and it will help you sleep that better at night, knowing you’ve done the right thing. Implementation is simple on a new website, and if your existing website isn’t accessible we can help.

For more information on how Optimized360’s ADApt Web Accessibility Engine can help your website click here.

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