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What To Look For If Your Dental Website Isn’t Delivering New Patients


So you you took the plunge and had a website created for your dental practice. You had hoped that patients would be flocking to your office and your phone would be ringing off the hook, but the reality couldn’t be further from that.

Nope, your website has fallen flat and while you might have put some money and time into it, it isn’t giving you much of a return on your investment. The question of why your dental website design hasn’t had the impact you want can probably be answered by at least one of these reasons.

1. Outdated Website Design
Ok, so you might’ve recently had your dental website designed, but take a step back and think about what it really looks like to an outsider. If you didn’t have an experienced designer working with you on your website, there’s a high probability your website looks outdated.

And when a person sees an outdated website they tend to think that the practice itself is outdated.

Everything from the font used on your website to the photography to the color scheme plays a part in how people view your practice. Adhering to old design standards you think look good, but other people see as old school will only harm their overall perception of your practice.

When designing a website you should make sure your website is not just attractice, but functionally designed as well. Ensure it is mobile responsive so that it looks good on any device it is being viewed on. Pay attention to the overall flow of content and navigation.

Everything on your website should cater to visitors.

2. Your Keywords Don’t Align With Your Pages
Keywords tell people and search engines what your pages are about. Because every search performed online is asking a question, it’s important that your pages clearly answer whatever question a person is asking.

If your keywords don’t align with your page content, people will be given the incorrect answer to their question when searching and your overall SEO strategy will be negatively impacted.

3. Your Website’s SEO Isn’t Optimized
SEO is the crux of any solid, long-term online marketing strategy. Through SEO you can reach people who are already searching for what you have to offer.

SEO can easily be done wrong, especially on website’s for doctors. Many companies will try to scam doctors through unethical SEO practices. This is why it’s important to find a proven team to work on your side. Read more about SEO scams to avoid in this blog post.

local search
Local search allows you to reach people in your area searching for your services.



4. Local Search is Ignored
Local search is a major player in online marketing for dentists. This is typically how you’ll attract many of the potential patients that live in and around your area.

This method involves creating online listings on websites like Google and Bing that are then maintained and kept up-to-date so they’re shown when a person performs a search. This article talks in depth about local search.

5. There’s a Lack of Tracking and Analytics
Analytics is an incredibly important part of marketing because it tells you what’s working and what isn’t working. Without analytics and tracking you’re merely putting content out and taking a guess as to what will work, but not using valuable, available data to actually make decisions.

Every solid marketing plan should include the use of tracking and analytics, so you can determine if your KPIs (key performance indicators) are being met. If they aren’t, your data should tell you a story and through this story you’ll learn what you should be doing to maximize results.

6. Not Enough Valuable and Interesting Content
You could have a great looking website, but if it has boring content, then it might as well not exist. Today’s website visitor gets bored easily. In order to keep them on your website you need to provide them with useful, engaging content that appeals to them and gets them to share your site with their social network.

7. Nothing Encourages the Visitor to Further Explore Your Website
The best dental website design will encourage people to explore your entire website. Clear navigation, strong linking throughout the site, and a well thought out blogging strategy will help direct people toward other pages they might find useful or worthy of a social share.

One of the best ways to move people through your website is to link between content on related pages and ensure any content you create is engaging and relevant to visitors.



medical practice review
The more positive reviews your practice has, the more likely negative reviews are taken less seriously by those reading.


8. You’re Avoiding Your Online Reputation
Your online reputation is critical to any success you have online. And, with more and more people resorting to reviews to vent about unpleasant experiences as well as positive experiences, it’s more important than ever to make sure you’re managing what people are saying about you.

A reputation management program will include protocol on how to respond to all reviews, as well as a strategy on how to get more positive reviews of your practice. The more positive reviews you have, the less relevant any negative reviews will seem. Here’s how you can ask for more reviews.

9. The Visitor Feels Like They Don’t Know You
A well thought out website should deliver your personality up front. When a person lands on your site they want to feel like they’re being given an opportunity to meet you online before they ever do in person.

Don’t be afraid to be yourself through both the design and content on the site. Set yourself apart from the competition and be unique.

10. Your Website Doesn’t Have a Clear Call to Action
Every website should be designed with an end goal in mind that’s accomplished once a person responds to a Call To Action. Things like click here, learn more, and schedule an appointment are all examples of a call to action.

Your call to action should align with your goals and be measured through tracking and analytics.

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