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What is Clean Code and Why is it Necessary?

Clean code is subjective, but there are three core principles used in writing clean code agreed on by most developers. Developers must choose the right tool for the job at hand. Next, they need to optimize the signal-to-noise ratio. Perhaps most importantly, developers should do their best to write self-documenting code. Without a distinct definition of clean code, there are some ideas within the industry that are considered best practice.

What is clean code?

Clean code means that your OBGYN website design will function as expected when visitors arrive on your page. It is a development style that is reader-focused. If used well, the resulting software will be easy to read and maintain. Unfortunately, many developers fall under the impression that they are done once the app works as they’d hoped. The problem lies in that code is not written for the sake of computer usage. It is written to bring top quality medical and chiropractic websites to life.

Consistency is key to clean code. All of the members of a design and development team that will work on a project must decide on specific standards they will adhere to for the course of the project. Common language must be used, or team members would not be able to read each other’s code, and you can imagine the confusion that would cause. Unlike MLA or APA writing style guides, software design has innumerable variations. By choosing a uniform style for a project, the team creates an effective communication tool.

Easy to Read

Since there is not one specific definition of clean code, let’s approach it as code that is easy to read. Website design for chiropractors includes terminology and technical jargon, but if the content is not written in a way that is easily understood by the average reader, it is of little use. Code that is written clearly will be easy to read and understand as long as consistent design patterns are followed. Other developers will be able to decipher the execution flow of the entire application. How different objects collaborate will be clear. Clean code allows the role and responsibility of each class to be understood. There will be no questions as to what each method does or what the purpose is of each expression and variable.

Easy to Change


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Design patterns essentially make it easy for other developers to read and review code to determine what the original author expected to happen with the software. These patterns give developers an idea of how effective the code is and also provide solutions to future problems. Well designed code will be easy to extend and refactor.  As long as the person reading the code understands the patterns, bugs in the codebase will be relatively easy to fix.

If the original developer made sure each class and method have a single responsibility, changes would be easier to make. Ideally, classes and methods must work as intended in a predictable manner in order to be easy to change. The ability to adapt and change is imperative to any dental or medical marketing campaign. Clear and concise public APIs will help make change easier. Clean code and the tests for it should be easy to understand and modify.

Time and Space

Time and space are not just part of the science-fiction realm anymore. In written code, a developer should consider the potential runtime performance of a program. Complex coding may slow down the ability of tech specialists to solve any problems that pop up. Think about the last time you attempted to download an app to a phone that had no available space. Space demand takes into consideration the amount of memory required for any additions or changes. Clean code should not take up an unrealistic amount of memory or time when applied to a website.

Thinking About the Future


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Any fantastic medical marketing plan expects the unexpected at some point. In a similar way, developers expect to have to work on the code again in the future. Although you are not the one writing the code, your chiropractic website is enjoying the benefits of good, clean code. It may come across to people that code is basically computer speak not intended for human consumption. The reality is that code is simply a different language that is written for humans, by humans and is then translated into actions by a computer.

Website design for chiropractors and OBGYNs that is written in clean code will save money and time in the long run. You are anticipating the need for future repairs and upkeep by choosing a web developer who understands the importance of clean code. It will take less time to make updates that satisfy Google’s ever-changing algorithms. Bugs will be easier to fix, so you will experience very little downtime if problems occur.

The Developer’s Craft


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Authors write books. Developers write code. One uses established language patterns accepted by other professionals in their field. The other uses a similar system based on different jargon including namespaces, classes, and methods. Developers understand that each line of code may be read multiple times throughout the life of an application. Unless the developer stays at one job indefinitely, it is likely it will be other humans who have to decipher their code in order to fix bugs and add or change content.

Plan Ahead

Clean code does not happen by accident. There will be obvious techniques used methodically in order to create clean code. Developers create code much the same way artists create their masterpieces. Deliberate thought and focus go into conveying intent. A common vocabulary helps create a framework that can be used by future developers to use while reading and translating the code.

Developers like to think of themselves as problem solvers, but writing code is often easier than reading code, even if you are reading your own code after any time has elapsed. Many developers prefer to rewrite rather than figure our the existing code. This makes writing clean code all the more important. It would be a travesty if all of the work you put into a project had to be trashed just to make a simple change.

Optimized360 has an experienced team of developers that work closely with designers to give you a website that is easy to update and modify as needed. Help is available to take care of any bugs to keep your website up and running. They understand how important clean code is to quality chiropractic websites and OBGYN website design.

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