Google Adwords and why millions use it

What is Adwords Management?

Doctors: Are you getting the most out of your Google Adwords campaign? If not, learn how leading internet marketing firm Optimized360 can help you.

Google Adwords is a great way to attract more patients. Targeted Adwords campaigns allow your service or product to be seen by customers the moment that they search on Google for things that you offer. Google Adwords Marketing for Doctors is effective and affordable when it is done right.

The problem is that Google Adwords campaigns are often not managed right. It is labor intensive to build a new Adwords account. Managing an Adwords account is no easy task either. Using Adwords alone without the proper ad copy optimization, bidding strategy and campaign structure is overwhelming and will not be effective. Adwords is only an effective Medical Marketing tool when it is managed right. It takes an expert to review and manage your Adwords account in a way that will be most effective.

Finding the right Medical Marketing agency to manage your Adwords campaign is important. Optimized360 is a marketing firm that specializes in Google Adwords Management. There are many reasons why it is a smart move to hire Optimized360 to manage your Google Adwords account. Here are just a few of the biggest ways that we can help you get the most out of your Adwords account.

Full Transparency & 100% Control Over YOUR Investment (Very Important!)

Most marketing companies out there tend to have you invest thousands of dollars per month into online marketing with them. The issue is and how it typically sparks trust issues is that you would invest an ” X ” number amount into your marketing, but you have no idea of how much of that money is directly invested into your actual Adwords Campaign. That marketing company could be only utilizing 50% or a portion of your budget only and pocketing the rest.

Optimized360 strays away from this traditional method because we want to build a long-lasting relationship with our clients. We offer Adwords Management which allows for our team members to effectively set up your campaign and after that, you will be able to have access to your very own campaign to see where EVERY SINGLE DOLLAR is being spent. 100% of your investments go directly towards your campaign — like how it should be! This creates retention and trust with our clients.

Save Time & Get Rid of Waste


Cost weighing more than benefits


A Google Adwords campaign takes quite a bit of time to set up. Yes, you definitely can set this campaign up yourself if you do not trust anyone, but then there are a lot of things you would have to carefully plan ahead for. For example, you have to research keywords, create campaign settings and write advertisements. Once you have all of this done, you still have to regularly monitor and manage your account to get the best results. Leaving Adwords management to us allows you to focus your time on other important tasks, such as providing top patient care.

Get Better Results

If you have a current Medical Marketing Adwords campaign, are you getting any results? If the answer is “no” or “I don’t know”  then you need Optimized360 to help manage your Adwords account. Adwords is very effective if it is managed correctly. An Adwords campaign that is well-managed will produce results. If you are not getting the results that you want, then it is time to hire us.

We are a Google Certified Partner

When choosing a company to manage your Adwords campaign, it is essential to choose a firm that has specialized knowledge and experience in Adwords management. Many firms are not Google Certified Partners and have not met the strict requirements set forth by Google to manage Adwords accounts.  Optimized360 is a Google Certified Partner. This means that we:

  • Have passed extensive certification examinations
  • Understand how to manage Adwords accounts
  • Keep up with the latest changes from Google
  • Offer Transparency


Man using Google search on his devices


Another important factor in selecting an Adwords management company is whether or not they are transparent. You want an Adwords professional that will work with you rather than against you. They should share information with you. Also, you should have a say in how your Adwords campaign works. Many companies will take over control of your account and not share information with you. Others do not provide you with account statistics. Another red flag to look for is marketing firms that do not allow you to have full control over your budget. They take a cut out of your budget so that you have no way of knowing how much their services cost. At Optimized360, we are different in that we:

  • Are willing to share information and expertise with you
  • Will explain what we are doing and why
  • Allow you to have control over the goals of the campaign
  • Never ask you to relinquish control over the ownership of your Adwords account
  • Allow you to view campaign statistics and see how well you are doing
  • Allow you to have full control over your budget
  • Our Fees and Rates are Easy-to-Understand

We offer simple, straightforward pricing. We charge an affordable, flat fee to manage, research and create your campaign. This transparency in our pricing makes it easy to understand exactly what you are getting.

We Do Not Require a Contract


Cartoon of a man breaking contract papers


Many Adwords management firms require contracts that have mandatory cancellation fees. These can seriously limit your freedom in changing Adwords management companies. If a company provides excellent service and good pricing, they should not have to require a contract. We never impose a mandatory service contract, and this is why our company has a very high retention rate for medical website designing, SEO & Marketing.

If you are a medical practice and want information on specialized Marketing for Doctors, including Google Adwords management for your medical practice, contact Optimized360 today. Our services are exclusively for medical and healthcare professionals. Call (800) 997-9368 and speak with one of our consultants today to find out how we can transform your Medical Marketing Strategy to help your practice.

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