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What Are Patients Looking For In a Chiropractic Website



Competition is fierce in the realm of chiropractic business. If you aren’t pursuing patients and doing your best to attract them to your practice, chances are your competition down the street is.

That’s why it’s more important now than ever before to not just have a website, but to create one that caters to the needs and expectations of your patients and potential patients. A well-done website will complement your marketing initiatives and even take the lead once someone gets to your site.

But what are people looking for in chiropractic websites?

Responsive Design



responsive web design for chiropractors
Designing your website to be responsive means it will appeal to a broader audience.


Your patients come from a diverse background and with that are surfing the web from a diverse range of devices. In fact, it’s estimated that nearly 70% of people have a smartphone.Some might prefer their iPad, others their Android phone. Whatever their preference, you need to cater to the device they’re on. This tells visitors that you value them as individuals and are willing to go the extra mile to give them a stellar experience online.

But how do you do this with the vast range of devices out? Simple: a mobile responsive website. Chiropractor websites that are designed responsively will look good on any device and make important information clear and available from the moment people land on your site.




video for chiropractors concept
Using videos on your chiropractic website can increase engagement, decrease bounce rate, and help SEO.


2018 is bound to be the year of video. It’s been gradually making progress in terms of popularity and now is the year to jump on board and start integrating it into your website and marketing.

How? Glad you asked. There are several ways to use video to your advantage. One of the easiest is to create a welcome video that gives viewers a tour of your practice and introduces them to the doctor and staff. Another option is to create educational videos that highlight various procedures or techniques used by the doctor. Finally, use video to show a bit of your personality. Record staff appreciation days or birthday parties and post the videos on social media. This all helps to give people insight into who you are as a practice and what they can expect from you.

In short, it connects the outside world to you.

High-Quality Photos

It might be tempting to snap some pictures with your iPhone and post them on your website, but when it comes to marketing yourself you want great photos that do your practice justice.

This means hiring a photographer to take staff headshots and photos of the interior. Additionally, it means choosing stock photos that are unique (and that you have the copyrights too).

Poor quality photos tend to send a message to visitors that you don’t value quality or how people view your practice. And with the range of devices on the market that have high definition screens, a lousy photo becomes more obvious even on mobile devices.

Make it Easy to Get in Touch

One of the most common things people are looking for on a website is contact information. If it is easily found, people will inherently trust you. If not, you begin to look like you might be hiding something. Additionally, in the age of instant gratification, no one wants to take minutes to find contact information.

Do your patients a favor and make that information obvious and available from the moment they land on your site. One of the best places to put this information is at the top of the page on the right-hand side of the screen, however, it might behoove you to try some A/B tests and see what your audience best responds to.

Reviews and Ratings Are Critical

If you’ve ever been put in a position where you’re looking for a restaurant to eat at or a car dealership to buy a car, chances are you started out online. When you narrowed your search you likely read reviews and maybe even looked to see if anyone from your social network posted a review about the place you’re looking at.

Reviews are incredibly important when it comes to establishing credibility with prospective patients. This is why it’s important to host reviews on your website, as well as on sites like Google and Facebook.

These allow people to see honest feedback about your practice and gives them the opportunity to watch how you respond to positive and negative reviews.

Speaking of negative reviews, even the best chiropractor is bound to get one at some point or another. You can please everyone. Implementing a reputation management program into your marketing strategy will help you catch and respond to those reviews early on so that they don’t damage your reputation like you might expect them to.

Learn more about what people are looking for on a chiropractor’s website in this article.

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