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“We Cater to Cowards?” No! TEMPLATES Cater to Cowards

You Get What You Pay For

Saving money is just as important as saving a tooth. How do you know which company is right for you? A majority of dental website design companies out there offer templates for a small initial fee, but end up charging a high monthly fee for basic services. Now, let’s flip the proverbial coin. Optimized 360 provides a custom website and content that more than justifies the initial cost and the low recurring fee for the essentials you need to maintain the website.

Return On Investment

When you see the results your customized website generates, it will be clear that your initial investment was beyond justified. After a year or two, it will become obvious a template based website does not keep up with the dynamics of an ever-changing internet. You do pay less starting out, but it will “bite” you later when you realize the template is lower quality and does not convert well to new platforms and algorithms. At that point, you end up paying more to fix it, or you have to start back at the beginning.

By building a website based on the dentist’s preferences, we ensure it complements their brick and mortar practice. We also design the website with the patient’s perspective in mind. Recognizing the importance of both the dentist and their patients make Optimized360 the leading competitor for non-template based designs for dentists.

Just Say No to Templates


Say No to Templates


There are very few industries in which looking like everyone else pays off. Once a template is chosen and purchased, you are limited in the content you can add by virtue of the design parameters. Support is more costly and not easy to come by when using a template. Even if you get a website up and running, without a solid understanding of SEO, the website may not show up anywhere near the top pages in online searches.

Don’t look like a copycat. If you choose to go with a template, you are not alone. As in, chances are there is someone out there with a virtually identical website design. Even if it is a different business, your patients will notice and may wonder why a dentist would use a cookie cutter template for their thriving practice. Yes, you may buy exclusive rights to a particular template, but you will pay much more than you expect. Keep in mind, many others may have already used that very template, so it is not really exclusive if you think about it.

What do you mean I cannot fully customize my own website? Well, templates allow for limited customization. You basically have to follow their guidelines or the website may not work effectively. Dentists who appreciate the value of quality content may find the restrictions put a damper on the information they can convey through their website. Most template design companies are not going to refund your money when you realize the template is not a good fit for your practice.


Website Limitations - People limiting themselves


Advanced editing skills and software acquisition may be necessary to customize. As a dental professional, your time is most likely spent caring for patients or continuing your education, as it should be. While there is a possibility the template is editable by user-friendly software, that may be an extra purchase. If it is a more complex design, you may need coding skills and specialized website building tools (and the knowledge to use them) to simply edit or update your own website. If you have to hire a web developer to work within the template and make updates, it sort of negates the purpose of a DIY template.

Google Penguin does not like my website. Google has recently updated its search algorithms. It is the content of a site that draws the attention of the search engine. The website template itself does not incorporate search engine optimization (SEO). The most attractive photos and Flash animation may look good, but besides potentially slowing your site down, they do not count positively in the “eyes” of the search engines.

Say Yes to a Professional, Custom Website Design


Girl saying Yes


The value of expert website designers is seen by visitors to your website on a daily basis. High quality customization is one way to show people how you are different from others in your field. All of which is wonderful, as long as your website is optimized so you are easily found during online searches.

A team of experts is on your side. Website designers have an understanding of what it takes to make your website stand out. They have the skills to take your ideas and design preferences and incorporate them into a high quality website that is user friendly. When the team at Optimized360 manages your website, you can breathe easy knowing content will be regularly updated. Another bonus of hiring a team to manage your website includes the long-term upkeep needed as you invest in new technologies and offer new procedures.

Introduce, or re-introduce, your practice with a custom dental website design. Unique content is hard to come by when using a template. A custom design takes into account your style choices. You collaborate with a design team who will create unique content that will wow both current and prospective patients. Customization allows you to choose the length and type of content on your website.

Your team will make sure you are noticed in internet searches. As the algorithms used in search engines change, a professional website marketing team will keep your website up to date. They know how to alter content to continue drawing the attention of search engines throughout the changes. Online marketing professionals know the importance of local searches, social media connections, and patient reviews/testimonials.

Be Brave Enough to Be Original


Being Original & Unique


Website template designers may not charge as much up front, but you may very well be nickeled and dimed to death over time. Optimized 360 offers a full-service “shop” for dentists and medical professionals. We work closely with our clients to build websites from the ground up. Collaborating with our clients, we are able to create custom websites that accurately represent your practice and all you have worked so hard to achieve.

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