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Want to Get to the Top of Search Rankings?
Have a Smart PPC Strategy.

In today’s business environment, you cannot overlook the importance of online marketing. A major aspect of online marketing that most organizations seem to have embraced is marketing through search engines. It is easy to direct people to your dental website from search engine results when compared to getting them there naturally.

Having a strong presence in the search engines places your dental website in a better position to interact with a large scale of your target audience. Getting this search engine presence is still a complicated decision to make. You can choose to use Search Engine Optimization, popularly known as SEO or Pay per Click (PPC) advertisements.

PPC is an online marketing model that requires advertisers to pay search engines for displaying their sponsored content along with other relevant results for queries. It is a rather popular model with advertisers as they are required to only pay for actual traffic generated by these advertisements.

Benefits of Using PPC

Quality Over Quantity

A good PPC strategy will lead to quality visitors rather than quantity. This means that by employing pay per click advertisements, you will attract a large number of website visitors who need your dental services when compared to those who are just passing by your dental website.


A PPC strategy doesn’t require a lot of time to kick start. A well worded and competitive advertisement can bring you search engine visibility on the same day. The PPC strategy also allows you to choose what time your advertisements can be seen.


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How to Use PPC to Get Better Search Rankings

Keywords are vital to PPC strategies

When a potential customer is searching for a specific term, pay per click advertisements will appear at the very top of search engine results. Search engines like Google allow you to bid on specific keywords. This means that if you bid for keywords like “Dental Practice”, your dental website’s ad will appear among the topmost results of that search.

PPC affects mobile searches

While SEO depends on organically ranking websites, PPC ads are displayed among the top in search results. As mobile accessibility has become an important ranking factor, it is better to make use of PPC advertisements as mobile devices only display a limited number of results per page. This increases the chances of a mobile user clicking on your advertisements as scrolling through the search engine results is tasking and time-consuming.

Ad landing pages affect SEO

When a web user comes across your PPC advertisement and clicks on it, they’re taken to a landing page. This landing page offers them more information on what they were searching for. It is on this page that they will also complete any action that is favorable to your business.

If your website has been search engine optimized, then the landing page will be indexed by search engines. If it has a high ranking on the search engine results page, your dental website’s visibility will be improved.

While PPC strategies seem to offer more than SEO marketing campaigns, the latter is more suitable to help you in the long run.

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