True Customization & Ownership of Your Dental Website Matters

True Customization

Most practicing dentists understand the competitive market in which they work. When you scope out the competition in your own city, which dental websites appear first in your search? Chances are the top results are not templates, but rather customized websites featuring eye-catching design.

Dentist Website Design from Scratch

Site customization is about more than aesthetics; it is about creating a made-from-scratch website that is unlike any other. On the surface, a custom dentist website design is attractive and memorable. It is what happens behind the scenes, however, that determines whether your website soars to the top of search results or settles somewhere deep in the seemingly bottomless rankings.

When you trust your practice website to a developer, it is not enough to choose someone who simply advertises a custom design. Many of our competitors only provide visual customization; the layout itself is based on a template. In other words, the components of each website they develop are the same, but the visual effects, such as font, colors and images are changed. This is not true customization.

A truly customized dental website is well-suited for online marketing and is built specifically for search engine favorability. It will far surpass the abilities of a generic design, offering virtually unlimited possibilities. While a template design may be free at first, its depressed search rankings are likely to cost you far more in lost traffic to your site. Remember, more traffic equals more patients.

Why Choose Us?

At Optimized360, we emphasize the importance of a made-from-scratch web design that is not only aesthetically attractive, but also SEO-friendly. Our team understands the delicate science behind dentist website design and is committed to building your own site from the ground up. Everything we offer from content to graphic utilization is unique to your practice. Some of the customized features we offer include:

  • Stunning Graphics
  • Personalized Slideshows
  • Unique Welcome Pages

We will never use a template to design your dental website, nor will we start pre-designing your site before we have spoken to you. We believe that true customization is a design that adapts to you and your practice – not the other way around. Your new site will convey the image you wish to communicate with patients and will only be ready when you are completely happy with the finished product. Our goal is to produce a site you will be proud of and your patients will remember.

There is freedom in true site customization. It is the freedom to stand out, brand your practice, and take on the competition with force. Say “no” to generic, out-of-the-box websites. Let the professionals here at Optimized360 provide you with high-quality, sophisticated site customization for your dental practice.

Each website you see in our gallery is unique, stunning and exclusive.

Optimized360 dental websites


When it comes to marketing your dentist website design, it pays to be elite. Having the best of the best means demanding attention in a field that is crowded with providers who struggle to differentiate themselves from one another. That is why we are committed to providing our clients with exclusivity, which ensures no other dental care providers in your area – especially those you compete with – will have the same design. It is just one more way we support and maintain your brand’s online identity.

What is Area Exclusivity?

When you work with our team of developers, you will spend hours working closely with a designer to achieve a dental website that reflects your practice brand. The effort that goes into creating a custom website should be rewarded with total and complete exclusivity in your area – something we are proud to offer at Optimized360. Because we never use a pre-designed layout or template, it will never be duplicated by another dental practice down the street. After all, your made-from-scratch site is produced with only a single client in mind – you.

Unfortunately, this is not the case with many of our competitors. It is common practice for dentists to pay for a personalized practice website, only to discover a close competitor has the exact same layout and a vastly similar overall design. Many even feature the same content, with little more than the contact information changed from site to site. This is not conducive to brand identity, nor does it help improve site traffic and SEO. Furthermore, savvy prospective patients can see straight through a mass-produced design and may be more likely to select a practitioner who stands out rather than blends in.

Ownership Matters

Ownership is not telling you what you can and cannot do with your dental website. Instead, you retain full control of your site and your domain no matter what. Unlike others, who lock you into a contract or build a website that only works on a restricted platform, we will build you a high-quality website that guarantees you freedom of movement. You own the complete design, as well as the domain. Furthermore, there are no contracts, and you are free to move your site anywhere at any time.

When we say that you own your site, we mean it – period.

Of course, we can only offer such a bold promise because we are confident in our business model and superior service. At Optimized360, we are committed to raising industry standards and surpassing our clients’ expectations.  For more information about website ownership and exclusivity for your practice, contact our office to speak with one of our helpful team members.


If a stunning design is what catches the eye of your potential patients, content is what keeps their attention. At Optimized360, we do not auto-fill your dental website with one-size-fits-all content. Instead, we customize the content on your site according to the services, specialties and featured information you wish to make available to your patients. Originality is the key, and it is imperative to your online success.

We believe the information you provide to your patients should be as unique as you are, which is why we offer a wide range of content options.

Interesting, informative or educated contents are what drawn visitors to your website. Similar to a library, your website should provide answers for any questions your potential patients have.

great library.

Practice Pages

Every dental website we produce is created with its own core practice pages. These pages are the foundation of every custom dental website, as they provide potential patients with the most pertinent information about your office. Practice pages will welcome guests to your website and invite them to explore more information about your practice. They can include information about your office and team, as well as ways your site visitors can contact a staff member or make an appointment. All practice pages are exclusive to your website and are never duplicated for other providers.

Procedure and Technology Articles

Do you offer a high-demand procedure not available through your competitors? Perhaps you have invested in cutting edge technology that has transformed the way you treat patients. Procedure and technology articles are designed to highlight the types of services available through your practice, as well as the unique or innovative diagnostic and treatment modalities you offer. The field of dentistry is constantly changing and evolving. These articles are an opportunity to present your office as a progressive practice featuring the latest in revolutionary dental advancements.

Patient Educational Library

As our client, you will gain access to our vast patient education library featuring a full collection of rich content pages. These pages explore in-depth the types of services you offer, as well as the types of conditions you treat. Our educational library includes content for a wide range of specialties. Of course, our dental copywriters are always on-hand to produce additional content according to your needs. Whether you offer a procedure or branded service not available in our library or you wish to request your own custom keyword rich pages, we can handle all of your content needs.

Unlimited Dental Website Pages

Our team will go the distance to ensure your website contains all of the information you need with no limit on the number of pages you can have. We understand the importance of generating content that conveys a sense of professionalism, expertise, hospitality, and approachability. That is why we work with experienced healthcare copywriters who can effectively communicate this message to your patients while still boosting your site’s SEO and search ranking.

Choose Optimized360. We will take care of the content. You can take care of your patients.

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