Example of an Orthodontist Website

Top tips for making the best website for your orthodontics practice

As an orthodontist, you face a lot of competition from other professionals who provide similar services. Your website is an important tool to show potential and existing clients why they should book in for your services. But what makes an orthodontist website effective? This article covers some top tips and best practice to make your website not only reflect the best of your practice but also stand out in search engine results.

Appeal to all audiences

Example of an orthodontist website Design


First, you have to think about who you want to see and react to your website. This means carefully considering your audience. There are three main groups you want to appeal to referring dentists, adults seeking care for themselves, and parents looking for an orthodontist to help their child. Your site should appeal to at least two of these groups if you only treat adults or children, and all three if you provide orthodontic services to people of all ages. Parents will want to see your expertise and evidence that you have training and experience in working with children. Adults looking for themselves will want to see similar information about the specific services you provide, including any orthodontic treatments aimed specifically at adults or people who do not want to appear to have braces, like Invisalign®, ClearCorrect®, or lingual braces. Referring dentists will want to see your expertise, training, and information about your publications or any research you have contributed to.

Demonstrate your knowledge and expertise

Example of a White Orthodontics website showcasing invisalign

So how do you show visitors to your website that you are the best orthodontist to serve their needs? First, you need great content. Your content should include information about you, your practice, and the services you provide. An “about the practice” section is your chance to really showcase everything that makes your practice unique and best suited for the audience that you are looking for. Similarly, with a short biography, you can share information about your areas of expertise, training, and education, and any personal details you want to share. It is also really important to include content about the services that you want to promote and that your patients find valuable. Including content written to dental SEO best practice guidelines will help to improve your search engine rankings.

Showcasing your work can also help. By including before and after photos, with appropriate tagging, you can show potential clients your artistry and skill in creating beautiful and healthy smiles. Ask your patients for short, authentic testimonials to include on your website. Seeing positive comments from other patients can help to convince a potential patient that you are the best orthodontist for him or her.

All of the content on your website should encourage visitors to respond to your “call to action” and book an appointment.

Strategic design

orthodontist website example with women smiling

The design, including the color schemes, layout, and font choices are essential to guiding visitors to responding to your call to action. A good designer can help you to build an attractive website that not only reflects the philosophy and values of your practice but is also easy to read and respond to for patients. For example, there are some colors that have negative connotations and should not be used on your website, like red. (Read about choosing a good color scheme)All font should be easy to read both in size and typography, but also by having a clear but non-jarring contrast with the background colors. Photos are essential to keeping attention on your website and are often used to create a feeling of trust in a provider’s work. Photos also help with search engine rankings. A good designer will also ensure that navigation through your website is intuitive and user-friendly. It is also a great idea to ensure that your design is mobile friendly as many people search for service providers on their smartphones or tablets

Making booking easy

Example of an Orthodontist Website

And finally, make sure it is easy for visitors to respond to your call to action. Make it easy for them to request appointments with either online booking buttons or setting up click to dial phone numbers. You could have the most beautiful and interesting website in the world, but if a potential patient can’t get in touch with you, the website will not serve its purpose.

Checkout our gallery for orthodontist websites. 

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