dental and medical marketing trends for 2017

Top Marketing Trends For Dentists In 2017


Gone are the days when dentists in the community simply relied on the word-of-mouth marketing. In the past, advertising a dental practice was nearly unheard of and was somehow considered unnecessary, even unethical. With the ever-evolving technology and the growing competition in dental health care, traditional practice marketing is out. The current front-runners, especially targeting the millennial generation are online marketing and social media. Below are some trends in dental practice marketing for 2017.


Mobile Phone Applications

According to the Global Web Index, 80% of Internet searches are completed on smartphones. Most of these searches either visit specific websites or turn to their mobile phone app for more details. Then, a dental practice can optimize this mobile phone use through applications. For patient education, there is dcStory and Dental Demo Suite GP. For patient history and clinical notes, dentists can use Canvas. For data access and management, there are Box and LogMeIn. Dental RX and Dental Product Shopper can be used for practice management.


Social Media

Dental practice can maximize the use of social media accounts such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and LinkedIn. The dentist-patient interaction is enhanced if the patient experience is shared, a group dental practice has its following, messages can be sent, and images can be shared seamlessly. Also, viewer traffic in these accounts can open doors to possible client conversions. It is one of the best way to expand the social network and engagement for the practice.


Content Marketing

What better way to explain the dental services than a well-written content for websites and local marketing. Content must be new, relevant, engaging, and worth sharing. Content can also drive clicks, shares, and comments if any. Another strategy for content marketing is through blogging with the corresponding search engine optimization (SEO) keywords. By utilizing SEO strategies, your practice will appear in the top spot whenever Google search is accessed.


Email Marketing


don't kid yourself email marketing works


Many believe that email marketing is still viable given that most people are signing up for subscriptions for newsletters and promotions. With this, some email marketing items are automatically delivered to inboxes through email drips and auto-responders. This strategy had eliminated most of the efforts on the brochure-type direct marketing and the actual door-to-door selling of goods.


Pay Per Click Marketing

The emergence of PPC or pay-per-click digital advertising had revolutionized the trend on how the dental practice promotes its services and products. It is a form of advertising in which every click on the ad generates payment. Most sponsored items appearing in social media have this irresistible option to be clicked. Once clicked, that is the only time that the ad is paid.


Web Site Redesign


web site refresh and updates help drive new patients


The design of your website from 10 years ago is likely now obsolete. It is recommended that the dental practice’s website should be updated with a new, relevant, informative, and interactive design every 2 to 4 years. It is also strategic if the website can be linked to the dental practice’s social media account for reference and comparison.

Video / Video Blogs

If words cannot fully explain a complicated treatment, a video can do often do it. The visual representation can further demonstrate how the treatment or service can be accomplished. Video Blogs can be recorded by the dental personnel since they can be shared and provide a clearer understanding of the treatment or procedure. An online video can also help build and distribute brand awareness and the promotion of services.

Patient Testimonials & Reviews


patient testimonials illustration


Just like a hotel or restaurant, a good review drives more customers to a business. A positive and authentic patient experience from the treatment received will provide the credibility that a practice needs. This, in turn, will secure the patient’s confidence to decide whether to seek treatment with you. Also, a positive review will build trust, reputation, and retain patients.


Most dental practices want to focus on the clinical side of the business. It is fact but what if the dental practice can be complemented with these trends. Seeking help from a reputable agency like Optimized360 that specializes in dental digital marketing might also be a solution to grow your practice. Besides, there is an increasing number of patients who are digital savvy. Keeping up with the patient’s base on these trends will expand the clinical services and make the practice more efficient.

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