Top 7 Orthodontic Websites in 2018

Top 7 Orthodontic Websites of 2018

Over the past week we’ve looked at the best Dental Websites, Medical Websites, and Cosmetic Surgery Websites and why these specific websites are so innovative and fresh. Now let’s drill into a few sub-specialties and one specialty in particular with its own set of unique criteria – Orthodontic Websites.

Here are just a few of the best Orthodontic Websites so far in 2018. Feel free to click on the image to take a closer look at the details of the project and how these websites came to be.

Massih Orthodontics

Use of Colors

This website is set against a background of green, turquoise, and black. Together, these colors contrast with bold geometric patterns to create a stand-out design. The colors are cheerful and modern, giving the impression that Massih Orthodontics is a progressive practice that is setting new standards for care.

Analysis of Design Elements

Building a custom website for orthodontists means interpreting the image and vision of the office and depicting it in a way that represents the practice well. For this site, we opted for a full-width layout that makes the best use of all the visible space on the viewer’s screen. It is highly responsive and functional across many viewing platforms, including desktops, tablets, and smartphone devices. We created diamond-shaped tiles that redirect to various areas of the website and change colors when selected. We also integrated an interactive map to the practice to help first-time visitors find the office. As an added bonus, we made it possible for new and existing patients to download patient forms directly from the website to help reduce office wait times.

Wilkes Buttenbaum Orthodontics

Overview of the Design

As an orthodontic practice, Wilkes Buttenbaum provides both functional and cosmetic care for its patients. Patients and potential patients who visit the practice website are often concerned with the appearance of their teeth and how orthodontic treatment might improve it. Here at Optimized360, we knew we needed to develop a custom orthodontic website that provided all the information viewers are looking for while also emphasizing all of the beautiful results many patients have achieved by undergoing this important treatment.

We opted for a traditional layout with a traditional width and margins. A scrolling header image and a stand-out tagline underscores what the practice is all about – healthy smiles and beautiful faces. Next, we offer a brief introduction to the practice and the types of services it provides, as well as links to additional information about the office and team.

Use of Colors

Blue and green were chosen for this website. These are universally appreciated colors that do not come off as offensive or brash. In fact, blue can be very calming and reflect a sense of professionalism and sterility – two things often associated with successful orthodontic practices. A white font provides subtle reference to the beautiful, bright white smile many people enjoy after undergoing orthodontic treatment at Wilkes Buttenbaum Orthodontics.

Happy Braces Orthodontics

Overview of the Design

The Happy Braces Orthodontic website projects a lighthearted feel for visitors who are exploring options for orthodontic treatment in the Southern California area. In a region that is dense with competition, online orthodontic marketing requires that practices represent themselves in a way that sets them apart from the rest. For this site, we took a less serious approach, instead playing off of the themes found within the practice name and logo.

The home page includes plenty of smiling faces, easy-to-understand terminology, and multiple navigation points from which to explore various sections of the website, including the types of services offered at Happy Braces. The remainder of the site expounds upon the science of orthodontics, the various types of treatments, and how new patients can schedule a first-time consultation. At the request of the practice, we also included a special page dedicated specifically to contests and promotions available to new and existing patients.

Use of Colors

The Happy Braces practice logo is red and blue. Since these colors contrast well against each other and are already a foundational component of the practice’s brand, we carried them through the website, using them for headers, navigational buttons, and in sectional backgrounds. We even considered these shades in our selection of header images, which have subtle shades and undertones that match the website theme.

Westlake Family Orthodontics

Westlake Family Orthodontics, we works hard to treat their patients the same way they’d like to be treated: with professionalism, respect, and care toward your specific needs. The office strives to do everything they can to ensure that each patient has a great experience at the office.

The doctors are Westlake Family Orthodontics wanted to present a family atmosphere for their orthodontic website by using bright and colorful images.  The photos provide a comfortable setting for visitors their site.  The menu at the top of the website is easily accessible to all information about Westlake Family Orthodontics.

E Line Orthonditcs

Clean, professional and experienced is the immediate take-away a visitor experiences at E Line Orthodontics.

Dr. Yoon Chang is passionate about creating beautiful and functional smiles which elevate his patients’ self-esteem and quality of life. He is continually amazed to observe the dramatic changes provided by orthodontic treatment in such a relatively short amount of time.

And we worked hard to build Dr. Chang a website that reflects his promise to the community and represents his practice.

Cool, clean colors throughout, slick navigation, dazzling images is what you experience on your journey through this website.

Braces For Us

At Braces for Us, their mission is to provide the highest quality orthodontic care with exceptional service by going the extra mile before, during, and after the patient’s treatment. Dr. Martine DeCambre, along with her knowledgeable team, is committed to giving each patient a beautiful smile and the self-esteem that goes with it.

Dr. DeCambre wanted to emphasize earth tones in her colors while adding an attractive background to bring out the her orthodontic website.  The images she used emphasizes her diverse treatment with all patients ranging from adults to children.

Mabank Dental and Orthodontics

Small town familiarity and comfort combined with big city experience and know-how. That’s the presentation on the dental website for Mabank Dental and Orthodontics.

Cool, crisp colors, mixing of color and grey scale keep the user interested as they navigate this orthodontist website designed by Optimzed360. The website includes cutting-edge navigation features including videos and a patient gallery of before and after pictures.

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