Top 7 Chiropractic Websites in 2018

Top 7 Chiropractic Websites in 2018

There was a time, not too long ago, when chiropractors got a bad rap. But today they’re considered mainstream, and rightly so. The chiropractor works to get the patient’s body to heal itself without relying on surgery or pharmaceuticals, and that’s a good thing.

And let’s not forget that chiropractors also face the same issues and concerns that other independent healthcare professionals do. They need to position and market themselves in a competitive and localized specialty. And what’s one of the most effective ways a chiropractor can market themselves? Via a great Chiropractic Website.

Here are just a few of the best Chiropractor Website Designs so far through 2018. Feel free to click on the image to take a closer look at the details of the project and how these websites came to be.

Herceg Chiropractic

Overview of the Design

Herceg Chiropractic is a hometown chiropractic office that markets itself as the perfect way to start or end your day. For this site, we veered away from extensive home page text. Instead, stand-out features capture the attention of the audience and help them remember the Herceg name. A unique image-based menu allows users to select a particular area of the body to learn more about how chiropractic treatment can reduce pain and provide optimal health and biomechanical function. Deeper into the website, visitors can learn more about the office, the doctor, and the various services offered. We also include a ‘frequently asked questions’ section and a page entirely dedicate to patient testimonials.

Use of Colors

This website uses modern neutrals like blue and green with deep gray undertones. The idea is not to focus on the design so much as to instead allow the pictures and graphics to take center stage. Together, variations of these shades create depth and interest without appearing boring or imitable of other

Chiro Louie

The color scheme is the first thing one notices on this website. The background of the office and the logo are cheerfully colorful and give a pleasing effect. Contact information and a book-an-appointment button is the first thing the visitor notices on the landing page.

Overview of the Design

The most attractive thing on the website is the logo which represents a spinal cord as well as the yin and yang symbol. It is very tastefully crafted and the colors shift from red to green in the upward fashion showing release of pain. The logo says it all. The office in the background is of earthy tones with a hue of color providing a comfortable vibe. The landing page is a slide down/scroll down the page that enables the visitor to see all the necessary information like types of packages Chiro Louie provides, client testimonials, the services they provide, about the esteemed Dr. Louie Yang and the most important how to reach there. In one scroll the visitor can get a good understanding of what the business provides

Botha Chiropractics

Use of Colors

Botha Chiropractic has done a great job of branding itself. From the logo to the inside of the office, red and white are a running theme. We extending that into the website, with red, white, and black as the primary colors and accents. This helps to maintain consistency and help new and potential patients better differentiate Botha Chiropractic from its competitors.

Analysis of Design Elements

This website contains a few special elements meant to attract attention where it matters the he most obvious design element is the use of a special callout that appears after the site has already loaded. This callout spotlights a very important office promotion that helps to convert visitors into new patients. We also include a patient testimonial section on the home page that scrolls from review to review automatically.

Ferrara Chiropractic

This chiropractic website holds the perfect mix of old-school discipline and modern functionality. Utilizing a clean combination of colors and great navigation effects, Ferrara Chiropractic’s website flows with ease.

Summit Institute Integrated Healthcare

It was important to the Summit Institute that their website reflected happy lives free from pain, a conquest of problems and concerns associated with chronic pain. We worked with them to incorporate those concerns into their website design with an aim to provide a website that also served as a beacon of hope to those who were looking to them for relief from life-changing pain. The result was quite pleasing to the Summit Institute and our designers here at Optimized360 as well.

Overview Of The Design

The overall design of the website is focused on an active life that is restored to its previous condition of joy and freedom. It starts with a slideshow of images that helps to present this idea, along with information about the practitioners and how they’re qualified to help patients handle their pain. There is a fascinating interplay in the images, as the first slideshow demonstrates freedom, while the images linked to the procedures and other information are reflective of the concerns they face every day.

Orange County Orthopaedics
and Sports Medical Group

With an office in the heart of south Orange County, the practice of Orange County Orthopaedics and Sports Medical Group wanted an active, youthful website. And that’s exactly what they got from Optimized360.

The colors are slick and cool, active images rotate throughout and the website even utilizes cutting-edge videos.

Heritage Chiropractic Health Center

This custom chiropractic website design was created from scratch for Dr. Knight, a  chiropractor in Canal Fulton, Ohio. He specializes in a wide range of chiropractic care and works with local physical medicine and orthopedic specialists to bring the best service to his patients.

This website includes featured services such as Mobile Responsive capabilities, Click to Call and 24-hour Access to the Online Editor Tool.

To learn more about the special features included on this website contact us today!

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