Top 5 Dental Websites

Top 5 Slickest Dental Websites

Your website is an extension of your practice and often the first impression a potential patient has of your office. It is the lens through which visitors understand the services you offer,ic as well as the type of experience that can be expected as a patient in your care. As a digital gateway into your practice, your website works 24-hours a day to represent and endorse your brand. It is only fitting that you would strive to achieve the best and most highly efficient website possible.

At Optimized360, we understand the importance of finding a balance between website aesthetics, technicality, and user-friendliness. We have selected 10 of our favorite general dentistry websites – all customized from scratch – based on the most important features that both dentists and their patients are looking for. Each is exceptional in its own way, just like our clients.

1. Roshe Dental Group

The Roshe Dental Group is based in Bronx, New York. Dr. Roshe had a goal of constructing a website that emphasized the most important details of his practice – specifically reviews, testimonials and information about him and his team. The grayscale imaging on his site blends seamlessly with the navy blue and gray design. Furthermore, the Roshe Dental Group website offers easy navigational features, with access to special offers and appointment booking from the home page. As a whole, we commend the Roshe Dental Group website for standing out among competitors.


Roshe Dental Group Website Front Page


2. My Town Center Dental

This practice is based in a bustling Austin suburb that many families call home. The goal for this website was to generate a sense of hospitality. Instead of bombarding site visitors with a lot of information, the design was kept as simple and streamlined as possible. An informal design makes the practice seem more down-to-Earth, and pictures of doctors and staff give a sense of approachability. The message here is that above all else, patients are welcome and appreciated. Overall, we believe that the My Town Center Dental website does a great job of giving busy patients what they want most – ease, convenience and simplicity.


My town center front page


3. Downie Family Dentistry

The Downie Family Dentistry website operates on the premise that ‘less is more’. They have branded themselves as a blended specialty practice – a progressive office that offers a wide range of services outside of general care. We like how the site’s modernistic design elements are consistent with the overall practice brand.


Downey Dental Website Homepage


4. Westmount Dental Arts

The first thing patients notice from the Westmount Dental Arts is the image of the dentist himself on the homepage welcoming visitors to the site. This upfront approach emits a sense of transparency and trust, not to mention immediate authenticity. The black background serves as a stylish platform for a modern layout and personalized images of the staff and office.  We appreciate how this site maintains a concise focus on class, credibility and contemporary themes.




5. New Day Dentistry

Unlike most dental websites, which typically display images of patients and their smiles, New Day Dentistry offers an unexpected twist – images of nature. In keeping with its name, the images convey a sense of optimism, as if though the beautiful, healthy smile of your dreams could become a reality in the care of Dr. Suman and Dr. Zeiglar. It is this bold choice combined with the minimalist design that piques the curiosity of visitors anxious to explore the site.


new day


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