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The Top 5 Orthodontic Sites of 2016

Designing websites for healthcare providers is an enormous sub-category for the web design industry. There are lots of regulations that must be followed by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), and the Office of Civil Rights (OCR) within the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS).

Because of the importance of regulatory compliance, dentists, and other healthcare providers cannot leave their website design to a relative taking computer science in college. Failure to comply with any of the agencies’ rules and regulations tend to be costly. To create a website for your dental practice, use a company that knows the ins and outs of regulatory compliance and has a successful track record in dental site website design. The following are the top 5 orthodontic websites of 2016.

Westlake Family Orthodontics

Westlake Family Orthodontic homepage


The landing page for Westlake Family Orthodontics is perfect. It engages the reader with a stunning picture of women with a beautiful smile. All services available at Westlake are listed and major service areas are featured with a photo of a patient smiling – all look great. This landing page has a call to action for making an appointment, the phone number of the office and the doctor’s name. Also, included on this minimalist page are the credentials of the practice’s owner.

Navigation is consistent throughout the website with thumbnails for each service with a patient image. That image/service is consistent throughout the site.

The content presents nicely with lots of white space too.

Keystone Dentistry

keystone homepage


The landing page for this top website is more subdued than Westlake Family Dentistry. Readers landing here first see a portrait type photo of Dr. Baki, his training, and a call to action to make an appointment for a free consultation.

Navigation is easy and all pages of the site are listed at the top of the page. Click on schedule an appointment you are given a choice to email the practice or call. The email form is a nice option and includes space for a message such as “any day, morning only” or “no Fridays.”

Daczkowski Orthodontics

daczkowski homepage


Here the landing page is full of relevant information. The image on the landing page rotates among three types of braces offered at the practice. Navigation is in the traditional space – the bottom border of the top panel and is consistent. Many people feel that orthodontics is a service just for kids, but Dr. Daczkowski eliminates that out-of-date feeling with a statement on the benefits of a great smile for adults.

This site uses imagery well and provides information on services and qualifications that are useful to patients and site visitors.

Choi Orthodontics

choi orthordontic homepage


This site presents a landing page that is full of information, has an entry to a patient portal, and a link to a page for making an appointment. Like many well-organized professional sites, navigation is easy and consistent throughout the site and is found at the bottom of the top border of each page. The make an appointment feature allows for a patient to submit an email request and while convenient, does not allow a site visitor to schedule an appointment, just request one – so time and day are not certain, although there is a place for comments so you can indicate your preferences.

Imagery on the landing page is eye-catching as the page has an auto slideshow of patients with terrific smiles.

The site makes signing up as a new patient easy with forms a patient can download and complete before the first visit.

E Line Orthodontics

E-line homepage


This practice is in Carrolton, Texas. The home page has two places where navigation is found. One is the top page border and is text only and is repeated on each page for easy navigation. There are four more navigation buttons with images in the middle of the page that are labeled:

  1. Meet Dr. Chang;
  2. Tour Our Office;
  3. Before and After; and
  4. Schedule Now.

The page for Patient Testimonials is excellent and uses videos of patient explaining what their smile was like before braces, how office visit experience was, and how a patient’s life improved thanks to orthodontics.

The common threads that made this sites great are:

  • Easy Navigation;
  • Fast loading;
  • Contact page includes a map for office locations;
  • Great use of imagery;
  • Relevant and engaging content; and
  • They are all well-organized.

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