image quality can make or break your dental website

The Importance of Having Quality Images on Your Dental Website

Many dentists would love to increase website traffic, convert more visitors into new patients, and boost their organic search rankings. And while having and expanding original fresh content and strong use of keywords can do wonders to enhance your SEO results, there’s one often overlooked factor that contributes to your dental website’s rankings and ultimate effectiveness: the user experience, or how easy and pleasing your website is to use for new dentist seekers while online. It makes sense that clear, crisp, relatable photos and helpful videos could boost your website’s overall user experience. What’s easier and more pleasing than experiencing a nice picture?

As a dentist, you can easily enhance your website’s user experience by including high-quality images and videos of your dental office and staff. Adding quality images is a simple and effective way you can improve your website’s user experience and, at the same time, give your SEO a much needed shot in the arm. In this article we will cover the basic rules and benefits of adding photos and videos to your dental website.

According to the Visual Teaching Alliance:

  1. 90% of all information that is transmitted to the brain is visual.
  2. We can get the sense of a visual stimulation in less than 1/10 of a second.
  3. Visuals are processed 60,000 X faster in the brain more than text.
  4. 40% of all nerve fibers are connected to the eye’s retina.

The first 10 seconds of the page visit are critical for a users’ decision to stay or leave. The probability of leaving is very high during these first few seconds because web users are skeptical, having encountered countless poorly designed dental web pages in the past. Today’s dental web visitor is much more sophisticated and knows that many web pages can be meaningless, and thus they behave accordingly, hoping to avoid wasting time on poor designed and executed web pages.

everyone can spot what looks good on your dental website
Comparison of a dental website with high-quality consistent images and that of poor-quality images.

Here are a few suggestions in using images, original and stock photography on your website:

  • Attempt to use professional photos. Make the effort and hire someone or ask your colleagues if they know an experienced photographer. Selfies and photos taken by someone in your company as a lark just won’t cut it.
  • Instead, take advantage of high-quality stock photography, images, and videos from licensed photo sites including Shutterstock,, and
  • Photos of people help your website visitors connect with you. If your target demographic is senior citizens and retirees, images of children and active millennials may just chase your demographic away.
  • Avoid the tired, over-used and ubiquitous images of “thumbs-up” and “people shaking hands” photos. Show that your dental practice is unique.
  • Always go positive. Images of smiling, happy, confident people stimulate the same positive emotions in your website visitors and future patients.
  • Avoid before and after photos in dentistry – show only the results of visiting your practice.
  • ‘Less is more’ works here too. Going with fewer, stronger photos is much better than too many small redundant photos. Make each photo on your dental website count.

What to Do Next

Where can you get these high-quality, high-resolution photographs of yourself, your dental office and staff? The good news is, you probably already have a high-quality camera, and it’s in your back pocket. Today’s smartphones can take a great picture, and if you work at it you will be able to capture a few web-worthy images of your practice with your own camera.

If photography isn’t your thing, you may want to find an affordable, professional photographer (or a friend with a professional-grade camera) who can help you get some great shots. They’ll have the necessary knowledge of lighting, angles, and color to make your office and staff look tremendous. Plus, they’ll provide you with edited, digital copies of the images in whatever format you need. Check with your website developer or hosting company, they will likely have access to a plethora of stock photography or photography services available.

No matter where you get your new high-quality dental images, your first goal must be to ensure the finest user experience on your dental website that you can. Quality images will absolutely help you accomplish that. With the right images, original content, and a bit of SEO elbow grease, you will attract more visitors to your website, get them to stay on your website longer, boosting conversions, and you will eventually experience higher search rankings.

Contact Optimized360 Today to Upgrade Your Dental Website
Contact Optimized360 Today to Upgrade Your Dental Website

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