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The Importance of a Solid Landing Page

When people about custom websites for dentists, they often think about the front page before anything else. They want to design their home page to be an accurate reflection of the dental practice and want their dental website design to center around this home page; however, many dentists don’t realize that many visitors don’t ever visit the home page. Instead, many visitors are directed to the website through a landing page. For those who don’t know, a landing page is a page that people are taken to when they click on a link. For example, the practice uses a promotional campaign, and they advertise this campaign on social media. In other cases, the practice sends out a mass email to everyone on their email list talking about a sale that the practice is running. When people click on the link, they are taken to a page on the website. The visitor never sees the home page, but instead, they are taken to a specific place called the landing page. It is vital that dental website design focuses on the importance of this landing page.

A Landing Page is the First Impression


Note pad with notes about first impressions


First, the landing page leaves an important first impression on every visitor that clicks on the link. Therefore, dentists should spend just as much time designing this landing page as they would any other page. The landing page should appear welcoming enough that patients are scared off by the content that they see; however, the landing page shouldn’t appear so casual and laid back that the patient is left wondering if they are still on a page for a dental website. This means that the landing page should have a professional heading with friendly pictures and language that build around the important content that describes the purpose of the landing page. Also, the landing page should serve its purpose. Remember that patients have clicked on a link because they are interested in whatever was described in the social media post or the email link. Make sure that the practice communicates the feeling that the customer’s time is valuable by getting straight to the point on the landing page. If there was a promotion described in the email or social media post, make this front and center on the landing page. The landing page must leave a solid first impression.

Solid Landing Pages Increase Conversion Rates

When dental website design is built around lead conversion rates, the patient population for the dental practice is going to go up. This is essential to growing a dental practice and having a solid landing page is important to converting leads. For those who don’t know, a “lead” is a potential patient who is interested in the product or service. Everyone who visits the landing page is already a “lead” because they clicked on the promotion that was mentioned in the social media post or email communication. Therefore, build the landing page to meet this audience. The landing page should sell the promotion that was discussed. Talk about how the benefits of the service far outweigh the cost. Include pictures and videos that describe the happy patients on the other side and how the patients were grateful they took the time to have the work done. Finally, make sure that every landing page ends with a call to action. This is the phrase where people say “call now” or “click here to schedule an appointment.” It is okay to sell the product because the visitor is already interested in the service.

Customers Look for Contact Information on the Landing Page


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It is also important to remember that the customer is going to hear or read that call to action on the landing page. If the customer wants to heed the call to action, they need to have a way to schedule an appointment with the dental practice. Some people prefer to schedule an appointment online. Therefore, make sure that there is a link where patients can click and schedule their appointment with the practice. Some patients prefer to schedule an appointment over the phone. It is important that the phone number for the practice is clearly listed. Make sure there is a reliable receptionist on the other end who knows how to use the appointment book and can accommodate the wishes of the patients who call. Finally, there are people who struggle with the phone and might prefer to visit the practice in person for more information or to schedule an appointment. Make sure that the address for the building is listed with the phone number. Try to include a link to a map where people can see where the practice is located and what other establishments are nearby. This will make the practice easy to find.

Landing Pages Should Increase Search Engine Rankings

While the landing page is there to sell the product or service that the customers are interested in, remember that a landing page is part of the custom website design for dentists and should increase the SEO as well. Dental website design should be based around increasing the visibility of the practice by increasing the ranking on the search engine results. This means that the media graphics on the page, such as the videos and pictures, should be updated regularly. The search engines want to make sure that the site is well-cared for because this lets the search engine know that the business behind the website is still up and running. Also, don’t use a landing page template when trying to set up a website design for dentists. A template does not stand out from the other websites out there and will not help a website to increase the ranking. Finally, make sure that the website has links to other reputable websites as well as to other pages in the dental practice. Internal and external links help to increase the ranking of a website.

The Landing Page Will Guide Potential Customers to Educational Resources


Resources with bunch of words around it


In the interest of providing plenty of internal links, the landing page should also have links to other areas of the website. It is not uncommon for patients to have questions about the product or service after hearing about it. Make sure that the website is clearly laid out so that patients can have access to educational resources if they need them. There should be a menu bar somewhere on the landing page that has a drop-down selection with clear titles. An intuitive website design is always better for converting visitors into patients for the practice.

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