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The Impact of A Little Investment in Local Marketing



Small businesses have limited resources; and marketing may be the first expense one looks to restrict or eliminate. Since traditional marketing methods can be expensive and hard to measure, small companies may lack access to affordable marketing skills and tools. As a result, medical professionals are now turning to digital marketing to reach a target local audience.

A study by Catalyst Healthcare Research found that 93% of patients preferred to search for answers online and communicate with the medical office rather than calling.

Online Dental Marketing


online marketing for dentists


It opens the door to a stream of prospective clients. Here are some of the dental marketing trends:

Mobile Friendly Design

Research has shown that 63% of adult mobile owners use their phones to go online. More people are using their tablets and phones to locate businesses, including dentists and other health professionals, since they use their mobile devices as the first computing device.

Link Building

The SEO (search engine optimization) mantra has often been to get more links. However, due to the increased amount of content on search engines, there has been a rise in local sites. These are sites that cater to a specific area of interest. Dentistry has also seen the emergence of local sites with more than 20 million patients searching the websites for new dental care providers in their local area.

Quality Content

Just a few years back, quality content was not a major concern; webmasters published poor material for SEO purposes. Today, quality content is not about attracting visitors to your site but converting them into new patients.

High Engagement

Both your prospective patients and popular search engines reward a website that engages with stimulating and relevant content. A well-designed website with rich and engaging content should be a priority for your business.

Social Media


People seated net to each other on their laptops with wording 'social media' imposed over image


Social media posts provide value through regular communications that enforce the concept that their concerns are met. Successful dental offices build a patient community through social media. Social media for dentists is a definitive critical marketing strategy since it enables the dentist to:

  • Gain visibility and new patients: If a business doesn’t have an online presence in today’s world, it might be non-existent to many people
  • Build credibility and manage the business reputation
  • Communicate and strengthen patient relationships. Communicating with patients via social media provides a greater feeling of accessibility to them

Reminder: Dentists top the list of top phobias that people have. To counter this, dentists need to look for better ways to gain trust from patients.

Marketing is strategic and tactical therefore find a medium that matches your prospective patient. Here is a list of dental office marketing ideas:

Local awareness of social media posts – location for advertising your ad is significant. Local awareness reaches a domestic audience that one can share relevant details about their practice.

Click to call ads – the critical goal in dental marketing is for prospective patients to visit your office or make appointments. This extension is available on most platforms.

Appointment reminders – one can streamline this process through Google alerts, email or text messaging.

Remarketing ads – it enables one to reach an audience that has visited your website

Google maps – a campaign on such a platform can direct a prospective client to the office.

Keywords – be wise to know what keywords to highlight in the content submitted about your practice.

Video advertising – as studies have shown, the healthcare industry is increasingly using video marketing.

PPC Advertising


image of a notepad with writing PPC - Pay per click


Dental practices can benefit significantly from adding PPC (pay-per-click) into their advertising plans. It can be very beneficial to utilize local PPC to reach a targeted, local audience. A well crafted PPC campaign will drive patients to your door. PPC is an efficient way to jumpstart traffic to a new website. This can be done this through:

Designate Niche Keywords

Bundle keywords into ads are more targeted because they will also influence the quality score assigned to your site. Local SEO strategy is the best most cost-effective option.

Authoritative Landing Pages

Maintain the momentum by providing your website visitors with a high-quality landing page. The landing page should be a continuation of the title and body of the ad and should provide your audience with good content.

Enticing Titles

The title needs to draw out potential patients and make the practice stand out. Titles are one of the first elements internet users will see.

More and more dentists have embraced digital marketing as their primary and most effective marketing tool and are partnering with Optimized360 in helping dental practices penetrate and dominate their local area by using online marketing systems. By putting in a little investment your dental practice can begin to see results in new customer acquisition.

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