The Do’s and Don’ts of Medical Marketing

Medical marketing strategies are important for business and product promotion. Implementing the wrong marketing strategies could cause your business to fail. Read on for the Do’s and Don’ts of Medical Marketing, and ideas for medical marketing.

Things You Should Do for Medical Marketing

Define Your Target Market

Yes, you should define your target market. You need to determine who will benefit from your services, who needs them, and who can afford them. Target marketing is the best way to attract new customers. Contrary to the popular belief of many people, target marketing is not like mass marketing. Mass marketing causes you to spend unnecessary amounts of money to attract a broad audience, but target marketing allows you to shrink your marketing budget and attract the customers you are targeting.

Create a Well-Planned Marketing Strategy

A well-planned marketing strategy has a list of different goals, as well as at least two ways you plan on getting the desired results. There should be many different objectives and plans on ways to achieve each goal. Your marketing strategy will help you address the needs of your customers.

Send A Clear Message


Person at laptop coming up with marketing ideas and messages


Each message you send to customers about your business should not only be clear, but they should make customers feel confident with the services you offer and comfortable to use your services. Your customers need to believe your services are what they need. Make sure you give your customers a clear, bold image in their mind of how you can help them.

Educate Your Customers

There is more than one way to educate your customers, and educating your target market is the key to success. You can educate your customers by referring doctors or providing beneficial information on your website about common illnesses and concerns. Keep in mind your medical website design needs to have a professional appearance.

Check Your Marketing Materials

Your marketing materials should not be deceptive, and they should create real expectations. Each piece of marketing material needs to be accurate and concise. Customers appreciate your honesty. Medical marketing strategies are successful based on the tools, techniques, and methods you use.

Create A Call to Action


Words Call to Action displayed in front of a laptop


Call to actions are important because they give customers a direct way to get in touch with you. Your call to action should entice customers to contact you, whether they are scheduling an appointment, receiving free brochures, or calling your office for another reason. You should have at least one call to action on each page of your website.

Be As Effective As Possible

Whether you are handing out brochures, flyers, hanging posters, or business cards, you need to be effective, by handing out more than one media source. Do not stick to only one media source. Handing out more than one brochure, flyer, or business card is more effective than handing out only one business card. Your media designs should match your medical website design.

Use Referrals to Your Advantage

Patient to patient referrals are more effective than many professionals think. Patient to patient referrals work best when you have the emails of past and present clients to send newsletters and other content through email. Current customers can give a business new customers by referring their family and friends.

Make Yourself and Your Business Known

You can make your business known by being active in the community. Share some of your dental marketing ideas, or any other marketing strategies within the healthcare field with the community. Join groups and clubs in your community. Offer expert advice on topics in your field. Attending community events is a good way to gain the trust of your community. Once you and your business are well-known, you will receive many referrals and new clients.

Know the Law

Before you start advertising your practice, make sure you know the laws associated with your method of advertising. Your advertising efforts will attract new customers, but should not violate federal or state laws. It’s best if you have a professional who is familiar with these laws to help you avoid lawsuits and paying expensive fines.

Things You Should NOT Do for Medical Marketing

Do NOT Use the Sway Method

Do not offer discounted services to attract more customers, also called a waiver. Waiving certain fees is illegal, and will do more damage than helping your business. Physicians can be fined a maximum of $10,000 for offer illegal discounts of certain services. In the event a waiver is offered, it should be regarding the customer facing financial hardship.

Do NOT Wait for Patients to Find You

One of the worst things you can do is wait for customers to find you. Waiting for customers is a sure way to set your business up for failure quickly. To get customers to come to your business, use a variation of marketing methods and be as proactive as possible. This is one of many medical marketing strategies you should never consider.

Do NOT Make Unsolicited Phone Calls

Making unsolicited phone calls is unprofessional, especially if the person has never been your patient. Physicians who make unsolicited phone calls to Medicaid and Medicare beneficiaries must have been a patient of the physician within the past 15 months. Permission to make these calls is required.

Do NOT Overuse Medical Jargon


Man tired from reading medical jargon


Customers will never understand the point you are tying to make when you overuse medial jargon because they have more than likely never been to medical school, and are unfamiliar with the terms. Overusing medical jargon is a sure way to confuse your customers and hand them over to your competition. Make sure your website content is easy to read for patients of all education levels.

Do NOT Have An Ulterior Motive

Do not tell any patient you will discount their services if they purchase another service you provide at full price. This form of discount is known as contingent discounts, and is a violation of federal and state laws.

Do NOT Confuse Marketing and Advertising

Marketing and advertising are two different things. Marketing refers to the techniques you use to plan things for your business, and advertising is paid announcements to the public about your business. Advertisements are worded in a way to persuade customers to try your business.

Do NOT Compensate

The fee you pay your consultants and employees should be a fixed fee to avoid unnecessary problems down the line. The price should be discussed before the task is started, and once the payment is made, the deal is complete.

Do NOT Expect Overnight Success


businessman progressing up pillars of success


Success takes time, so it doesn’t happen overnight. You need to be prepared to work hard and wait for success. Success has to build, and you need to be ready to accept it when it comes. Having patience is one key to a successful, thriving business.

These do’s and don’ts of medical marketing will help you organize your business and begin on the right track from the start. Use these do’s and don’ts to help give your business what it needs to surpass your competition while climbing the success ladder.

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