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Take Ownership of Your Website Today

A website without ownership is like renting a house. You will pay a high monthly fee for something you do not own. But what does this mean? Surely if you’re paying for your website, you own it, right? Wrong. In many cases, chiropractors and other healthcare providers pay huge monthly fees for websites that will disappear once your contract is no longer renewed and you stop paying the fees.

A website is an essential tool for promoting and growing your practice. Around 80 percent of American adults look for healthcare information, including healthcare providers online. As a chiropractor, you have many options on building and developing a website. If you have the time and the knowledge, you could build your website. However, to have a successful website, you will need to know some coding, search engine optimization (SEO) best practices, and have the time available to build the site. You could use a do-it-yourself template from WordPress or Square Space, but the same needs would apply if you wanted to create a unique and functional website. You could turn to a digital marketing agency and allow a team of experts to build a website for you while you spend your time doing what you do best, caring for your patients.

Digital marketing agencies typically take one of two approaches to building websites, templates or custom-built. Companies that use templates are often quick to build and launch and claim to have mastered the design and content best practice guidelines for SEO. Customized websites are built specifically to meet your needs and expectations. Your designer will work with you to ensure that not only does your website adhere to SEO best practices, but also clearly showcases you, your practice, and the reasons that patients should choose you as their chiropractor. The customization process may take a little longer than a template, but will ultimately fulfill your expectations more fully. A key difference between the two is that template websites are like rental properties online, whereas a custom designed and built a website is like the dream home you purchase.

Problems with templates


Stamp of disapproval on duplicating


The majority of website design companies that cater to chiropractors and other healthcare providers offer template websites. Since those templates are being re-used and re-sold to other chiropractors, you do not own your website. If you are merely ‘renting’ your website, you are throwing money way instead of investing in a long-term online marketing tool. Considering how important your web presence is for attracting and retaining patients, it should be something that you are willing to spend time and money on and get exactly what you want. While ownership is one of the biggest issues with working with a company that uses templates, there are other issues with this approach.

Can’t customize

Templates offer limited options to customize the look and functionality of the website. Once you select your theme, you will be constrained to the limitations of that design. Also, the templates may not allow for the use of videos, downloadable patient forms, online shopping options, or other items, which you would like to provide for your patients.

Similar to competition

When you work with templates, you run the risk of your website looking similar to other chiropractors’ websites. You want your website to be unique. First, it helps with SEO for your website to be unique, it makes your website stand out as an authority website. Second, if your website looks just like the competition’s, how will a potential patient know that you are the best choice?

Why custom design is better


Custom Website Designs


Custom websites offer a variety of benefits beyond template options. Not least of all, you will have ownership of a custom website; you are purchasing that site and own the site, the domain, and the intellectual property held therein.

Created just for your business

Custom websites are built specifically to follow a brief that you provide to the designer ensuring that your practice is accurately represented and that all of the information and materials you want to provide for your patients are available in user-friendly and easy to access formats.

SEO friendly for your specific goals and services

A good web designer will help you to make sure that not only does your website look they way you want it too, but he or she will ensure that it adheres to SEO best practice to ensure that your site search engine rankings are excellent. The design is important because loading speeds, mobile-device friendliness, and image and video content all contribute to high search engine rankings.



Customizing designs


A custom website is also adaptable. You will not have to fit your content within the limitations of a template. A good designer who specializes in chiropractic website design will be able to listen to what you want from your website and create a beautiful, informative, and high-ranking site to help your practice grow. Also, if your needs change or if you want to focus on promoting specific services you can update your website as needed and keep it up to date with SEO best practice guidelines.

Why is it important to own your website?

A good website isn’t cheap. But it is a worthwhile investment for the development and growth of your practice. So if you are going to spend money on a website, you should not only own what you are paying for, but also get exactly what you want. With many online agencies, if you choose to end your contract with them your website will be taken offline, and all of your work and efforts will be gone because you never owned that information in the first place.

Opitmized360 is a leading digital marketing agency, specializing in the healthcare industry. Opened and developed by a dentist, the team at Optimized360 understands the challenges facing chiropractors, dentists, and other healthcare providers trying to grow their practices today. The team specializes in website design for chiropractors and creates all designs from scratch, which allows the customers to own their website, making their monthly payments an investment. Don’t waste your time and money on a website that will never truly be yours when a customized solution that belongs to you is available.

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