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Start the New Year Right with Outstanding Dental Marketing Strategies

With the new year comes a new opportunity to excel in the business world. While many people might think that dentists do not need a solid dental marketing strategy because everyone needs a dentist, in reality, every dental practice needs to have a solid marketing campaign. A dental practice is a business and it will not survive without a solid customer base. With the competition for dentists only becoming stiffer as more young dentists graduate from dental school, it is more important than ever to ensure that dental practices have a strong marketing campaign to spread the word about the benefits of their dental practice. Continue reading below to figure out some outstanding ways to spread the word about the strengths of a dental practice!

1. Quality is its Own Reward


5 Gold Stars


One solid way to spread the word about the qualities and strengths of a dental practice is to provide outstanding care. This doesn’t mean that an outstanding dentist doesn’t need a marketing campaign, rather, encourage customers to spread the word about the outstanding care that they received at that dental practice. Encourage customers to leave reviews both at the front desk and on the practice website.  As technology continues to advance, a strong digital presence is going to become more important. Research has demonstrated that prospective customers are becoming more adept at using the Internet to find what they are looking for. Customers are often reading reviews before deciding to invest in a certain product or service. Having strong reviews on the practice website is something that prospective customers are going to see before signing on with the practice. A litany of good reviews is going to encourage visitors to the website to schedule an appointment. Encourage customers to leave positive reviews on the website. This is a proven marketing strategy.

2. Institute a Referral Program

A good marketing campaign will approach the issue from several different angles. In addition to traditional marketing, many successful businesses have taken advantage of a referral program. This is a program that rewards existing patients for referring new patients to the practice. For example, for each patient that an existing customer refers to the practice, offer that patient a prize. This could be something like an entry into a raffle for a unique giveaway or a gift certificate to a local restaurant. This prize could also be related to the practice such as a free check up or a free bleach treatment. This way, the practice has multiple outlets that are encouraging people to register with the practice. Furthermore, people always take the opinions of their family and friends more seriously than a biased dentist whose taking out an advertisement. If a patient is telling someone about the quality of care they received, that person is more likely to believe the review and sign up. Finally, everyone likes free stuff. A raffle is a great way to encourage people to market the qualities of the practice.

3. Take Advantage of Business Cards


Man holding a Business Card


Many people think that business cards are old school and no longer effective; however, this couldn’t be further from the truth. First of all, elderly people still struggle with modern technology. A dental practice needs to take advantage of every prospective patient to grow their customer base and elderly people still prefer something that they can hold in their hands over something virtual. They will always prefer a business card to an email reminder. Secondly, dentists will never know when they run into someone that might be related to their practice. This could be a new patient or a potential business partner. Instead of taking all that time to take out a phone and take down someone’s contact information, it is much faster to hand them a physical business card. In addition, this business card is an opportunity to showcase the talents of the practice with a unique design that demonstrates the amount of time and care that went into creating that business card. The quality of the business card is a reflection of the practice. It is always handy to have business cards around and they certainly aren’t obsolete.

4. Social Media is an Important Factor

The business world has modernized and a digital presence is very important. Everyone has used Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram at some point in their lives. People who have used it will know that businesses often have social media pages that serve as a free marketing tool for their business. This is important for several reasons. First, this is one of the best dental marketing ideas because it is free. This allows dental practices to save money that they can spend in other areas. Second, dental marketing strategies such as this allow dental practices to connect personally with their customers. A practice can leave comments that demonstrate how much they care about their patients. Third, these dental marketing ideas are actually a way for the practice to make money. If the practice has a large number of followers, people might pay the practice to advertise on their social media page. Finally, having a social media page allows the business to get a better idea as to what their patients truly care about. They can see what their patients are up to and tailor their business to suit their individual needs. Every dental practice should have a social media page.

5. Invest in a Custom Website


Dental Website Design for Dr. Nancy


The most important idea among dental marketing strategies is to invest in a custom dental website design. The biggest key to having a strong online presence is a custom dental website. This kind of website will be tailored by a professional to show up high on the search engine results rankings. This will ensure that everyone sees the practice and understands the benefits and qualities of that practice. A professional has a strong understanding of search engine optimization. This is the name given to the idea of designing a website specifically to rank highly on the search engine results page. Research has demonstrated that people rarely click past the first page of results when looking for a product or service. This means it is important for a website to land on this first page to improve its visibility. Factors such as a strong use of keywords and keeping the website updated regularly will all be important for making sure that people know about the practice. Invest in a custom website to take those dental marketing ideas to the next level. Every dental practice should have a strong marketing campaign to improve their customer base.

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