Marketing for small medical offices

Small Medical Office Marketing Basics


Not so long ago the adage “word of mouth is the best advertising” used to hold water, but thanks to the rise of the digital age this isn’t quite true anymore.  Patients looking for new dental providers are more likely to go to a healthcare website or check out online reviews. This leaves a lot of healthcare providers in a bit of a lurch trying to figure out the best marketing strategy for their practice while simultaneously trying to care for the needs and concerns of their patients and their families. So what’s a dedicated healthcare professional to do?


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Find A Medical Marketing Company To Handle Your Advertising

As a professional specializing in one of the most demanding careers in the world, where every day people’s lives can literally be on the line based on your performance, you know that leaving a job to qualified professionals is the key to success. You’re not in the marketing profession, you’re in the healthcare profession, so why not leave the work to those whose skill set focuses on marketing for doctors? Their intimate knowledge of the marketing industry will ensure that you get ranked high on relevant searches.

Online Marketing?  What About TV? Radio? Brochures?

These old forms of marketing are… well, let’s be honest, they’re old. They just don’t keep up with the way that the current generation of patients consume media.  Brochures were useful when paper was the primary medium, including them in newspapers made sense or handing them out at local fairs.  Hand out a brochure now and we can pretty much guarantee it’s going straight in the trash. TV and Radio? The number of people who actually view TV these days are growing increasingly slim.  

There is a rising, and exponentially strengthening, trend for people to consume media through streaming sources.  Music is often sought out on platforms like Spotify, Audacity, and YouTube, while people binge-consume TV through outlets like Hulu and Netflix. The days of traditional marketing have passed, just one more reason you need qualified professionals handling your marketing needs.

So Where Should My Marketing Be Targeted?


targeted marketing for healthcare


Social media is the primary form of marketing in the modern world.  Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, all of these venues play an important role in the successful companies marketing plan.  While many assume that this form of marketing is too broad-stroke to reach their local customers, nothing could be less true.  Marketing methods employing these platforms can specifically target people in your area, while still being accessible to the surrounding areas and the world at large.  Online marketing is incredibly effective but is also very sophisticated in its approach.

If you’re ready to start seeing results from your marketing dollar, and new patients walking through your door, its time to start building an effective online marketing plan.  Coordinate with professionals in the field who will understand your needs and know how to build an online marketing strategy that will help your healthcare practice reach those who need you.

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