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Should My Dental Website Look Like My Office?

If there’s one thing that can be frustrating when creating a dental website, it’s your branding. Creating a consistent brand throughout your website, print materials, and office helps to remind visitors and patients of who you are, what you value, and what they can expect. If your brand is inconsistent, you’re telling them that they can’t rely on your for something as simple as having your business cards match your stationery. And if that is the case, it’s no wonder someone wouldn’t trust you to take care of their oral health.

Your website should complement your dental office. Although your website is often the source of first impressions for your business, your office is still an incredibly important part of your marketing strategy. Imagine creating a beautiful website that’s responsive, sleek, and functional. It’s got brains and beauty. Now imagine someone scheduling an appointment with you and arriving at your office, only to find that your waiting room is outdated. It has a tube TV, orange vinyl chairs, and green carpet. It’s straight out of the 70s. You can imagine that this would throw people off. They might arrive and think they came to the wrong office.

Ultimately, it leads people to feel as if they’ve been duped through a bait and switch scenario. So how can you have your website work in conjunction with your website?

Understand Branding



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Before you work with a dental marketing agency it’s important to understand what branding is. Simply put, branding is the practice of creating a name or symbol that differentiates your business from competitors. When starting branding the first thing to ask yourself is, “what’s your message?” What do you want visitors to understand about you? It might be that you want them to feel as if you’re a trustworthy, reliable dentist capable of meeting their needs in a gentle manner.

This should be communicated through every aspect of your business’ practice. This might include your email signatures, how your receptionist greets people, and how you handle leads. Every single component of your business needs to be steeped in your messaging so that it is never forgotten. It should always be at the front of your mind.

Keep Colors Consistent



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Consistent use of colors is an important part of tying in all of your branding components. For example, let’s say your dental practice uses the colors blue and white. Your office should be decorated in such a way that those colors are honored. You don’t necessarily have to use the exact colors, however, various shades of blue and white in your decor will help to subtly tie everything together.

Additionally, you’ll want to make sure that the blue and white you use in your logo is the same one you use on your website and in print items. You do not want to give people a business card that has a blue that looks more green and send them to a website with a royal blue. These inconsistencies make you look like you lack the knowledge and insight to manage a business.

Ultimately, it leads to a lack of confidence in your practice.

Use Quality Images



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Quality images should be used both throughout your website and in any outbound marketing materials you distribute to patients or that are public facing. This includes billboards, pamphlets, and one sheeter information sheets. High-quality images speak to visitors. It tells them that you take pride in what you do, that you’re a professional, and that your business can be trusted.

There are several ways to get quality images. You can find great images on stock photography websites. Never use stock photography to promote the interior or exterior of your office. Instead, take the time to hire a professional dental photographer to take photos of your office and your team. It’s worth the initial investment and allows you to truly customize whatever media pieces you’re working on. Read this article about the power of quality photography to learn more.

Focus on Continuity

When we talk about continuity, we mean that every communication piece needs to work together. This means that in addition to using quality images, you should also focus on cross promoting things like social media. For example, just because you’re giving a patient a brochure in the office doesn’t mean that you should neglect to include your Facebook address and Twitter handle on your brochure. Why? Because more and more people are using their phone and other devices in conjunction with print materials or while watching TV.

By cross promoting items you’re ensuring maximum visibility of your brand. Another great example of continuity and cross promotion is the idea of using commercial spots on your website and social media. Although commercials are typically ignored, they tend to stick in people’s subconscious. So let’s say a person sees your commercial and then a month or so later does a search online for a dentist.

Your website comes up and they click play on the video embedded on your site. Almost immediately they’re likely to make the connection.



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