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Pediatric Dental Websites, Kid Friendly is a Must!

When creating a website for pediatric dentists it’s important to think about who your target audience is. This situation is a little tricky, because while the parents pay for the services of pediatric dentists the children are the customers. If a child doesn’t feel comfortable at their dentist or excited about their visit they could develop a fear of the dentist that lasts through their entire life.

One pediatric dentist told us that a website that’s kid friendly is often the most distinguishing factor between them and their competition.

Consider what would stick in your mind more when looking for a dentist for your child. You could come to a website that is attractive, but looks like it was designed for adults or come to one that is colorful, fun, and clearly made for children.

Naturally you’d be more enticed by a colorful, fun website designed for children rather than the more boring one. In a recent discussion with several pediatric dentists we learned that the best way to get children excited about the dentist is to prepare them ahead of time. This includes showing them the website of their dentist.

So what sets the top pediatric dental websites apart from the competition?

Choose Vivid and Exciting Colors



color wheel


One of the most fun parts about designing websites for pediatric dentists is that there is freedom and flexibility in the choice of colors used in design. For example, an endodontist’s target audience wouldn’t respond well to hot pink and neon blue. But use those colors on a website targeted at children and they’ll think they’re going to the coolest dentist ever.

Some of the most popular colors we see used in pediatric dental marketing strategies are:

  • Bright pink
  • Neon blue
  • Grass green
  • Opulent orange

Fun Illustrations

Children respond well to non-threatening images and images they are familiar with. As a result we tend to see incredible results from practices who have gone with a pediatric dental website design that relies on a base of cartoon characters.

Some of the best characters are animals or other children. These characters are fun and considered approachable by children. Imagine the excitement a child would feel if they knew they were going to a dentist who could relate to them on a level they understand.

Pictures of Other Children



children jumping
When children see other children they tend to relate to them.


Children relate to children. A five year old is unlikely to respond to a website with an attractive older woman smiling, but use a photo of another child who is happy, healthy, and enjoying his or herself and that same child will likely respond like they would to another child at the park – they’d be curious to learn more and hang out. Dentistry 4 Kidz did a great job leveraging the power of children’s photography to make their website both appealing and professional.

Incorporate Childish Elements

Many of the best pediatric websites that are designed include fun elements of surprise for children looking at the site. This might include a monkey hanging off the top menu or a train with a tooth riding on it. These small elements can make a big difference in how a child experiences your website and whether they want to come and see you or choose another dental practice. This children’s dentistry website does a great job at incorporating fun, childish elements.

Strike a Balance



striking a balance on website
Striking a balance between design and functionality is an important part of meeting visitor’s expectations.


As was mentioned above, your target audience is adults, but children are your marketing partners. They help convince their parents that they want to go to your practice. With that in mind, it’s important that your website strike a balance between appealing to children and appealing to their parents.

Here’s some of the most common components that parents will look for when they’re on your website:

  • Quick contact information | Make your contact information easy to access and see. It’s particularly important that things like phone numbers be clickable from mobile devices, so that parents can simply tap your phone number and give you a call.
  • Access to forms | Create secure patient forms and make them accessible via your website to save parents time from having to fill stuff out in the office and to save your office staff time on the day of the appointment. Just remember these forms MUST be HIPAA compliant.
  • Meet the doctor | This section of the website tells parents everything they want to know about the doctor that is treating their children. It should include a brief biography about the doctor, details on where they went to school, and why they went into pediatric dentistry.
  • Online scheduling | Online scheduling is a great way to make it easy for parents to quickly schedule an appointment with your practice.

All of these fun components might make it seem like your website could turn out looking unprofessional, but the truth is they’re what your target audience wants. If you were to look at some of the best pediatric websites you’ll notice that they have a healthy combination of content to attract parents and give them confidence in the practice, and components that will get and keep a child excited about their visit to the dentist. You can learn more about how good web design makes a difference in your marketing in this article.


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