3 Levels of Security, Compliance and Accessibility

Optimized360 Introduces 360 Shield, Medical Grade SSL, Compliance and Accessibility for Dental and Medical Websites


Newport Beach, California November 7, 2017 – Optimized360, today introduced its most comprehensive package of web security, HIPAA compliance services, and web accessibility tools, 360 Shield for medical practices. Designed exclusively for the healthcare market, 360 Shield revolutionizes HIPAA compliance and web security for the smaller office in terms of both the scope of services and affordability.

At the heart of 360 Shield is Optimized360’s continued drive towards a more secure web experience for medical professionals and their patients. One recent development by Google and its Chrome browser, essentially requires an SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate which establishes an encrypted link between a server and a web client. 360 Shield includes SSL certificate and HTTPS domain security to hosted accounts. Since its implementation in 1996, HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) clearly prescribes what is to be considered protected health information and, how it is to be handled as private and secure. 360 Shield email and form encryption complies with this mandate by ensuring the best protection for patient communications and information.

“Dental and other medical practices and their patients want to keep patient information protected from a wide range of online security risks and vulnerabilities,” said Dr. Sean Fahimi, CEO at Optimized360. “360 Shield frees the smaller practice from the capital investments typically associated with achieving this level of real security, compliance and accessibility.”

Also included as a component of 360 Shield is Optimized360’s Accessibility Engine, ADApt. In response to the recent escalation of litigation regarding ADA (American with Disability Act) guidelines on website accessibility for disabled users, the company’s ADApt engine transforms a regular website into a more accessible experience for all users.

360 Shield is delivered as a cloud-based service that Optimized360 manages for the medical practice, and available now.

About Optimized360 –
Optimized360 is a leading provider of custom website design and online marketing services used by dentists and other healthcare professionals. For more information visit www.optimized360.com or call 800-997-9368.

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