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As an optometrist, you know the importance of seeing clearly and maintaining eye health.  Website design, however, is probably not a skill that you developed while you were studying or working to build your business.  There are website designers though who specialize in creating Custom Websites for Optometrist.  Those companies that focus on Optometric Website Design understand your business and use their skills to create a website that fully supports your needs.

Custom Optometry Websites may not be on the forefront of your mind when you are studying and building your skills.  But when you start planning your business, you will realize that you need to broadly market your services.  One way to do that is with a website.  There are a couple of ways that you can achieve that goal – the less expensive “build it yourself” website builder services that are frequently advertised or hire a professional web designer.  While a template or website builder service may seem, on the surface, to be an easier, less expensive option, there are many factors that you may not be aware of that will impact your business and how you present it to potential clients.  Sure, your nephew may be a computer whiz but does he truly know the ins and outs of web design and marketing?  By taking shortcuts, it may actually take you longer and cost more money to get the web presence that you and your business needs.  The easy options can be tempting but, realistically, it’s more economical to invest the time and money to ensure that the resulting product meets your needs.  This requires hiring a professional who specializes in Optometric Website Design.

Professional Websites are Designed For Your Business Needs


Website Design for Optometrist


A professional website designer will spend the time to get to know you and your business goals.  This allows them to tailor the website and its functions to your specific needs.  Initially, they will introduce you to a wide variety of options and terms that you may not be familiar with.  This takes time, but they are getting to know you and discovering the functions that are most important to your business.  Ask a lot of questions and ask for clarification at any point when you don’t understand a word or concept.  As you begin this journey, it’s also good to spend some time really looking at different websites and noting some of the functions that you would like to incorporate into your website.  You may have some colleagues who have been through this experience before.  A thoughtful approach may seem time-consuming in the beginning, but it will actually save you a lot of frustration down the road.   This period of exploration will give you a better idea of how you want to present your company publicly.  Website designers understand that their clients may not be familiar with many of the industry terms or standards and will work to explain these to new clients.  They want clients to understand the what options they have and the costs associated with them.  Perhaps you want to be able to send regular newsletters to stay in close contact with your current patients and potential clients.  These are the things that a professional web developer will discuss with you to help create a website that will have the framework to grow as your business does.

Ability to Update the Website with Fresh Content

Search engines more frequently “crawl” websites that have fresh and every changing content.  To have the ability to continually post new content to your site, the develop will install and train you on a content management system.  These are quite easy to use and gives you greater control over the information that you share publicly.  Template based websites don’t have this capacity.  In most cases, you are limited in what you can do initially and your ability to keep it fresh and relevant.  A professionally designed website will allow you to share information in ways that you are comfortable with.  As mentioned, many optometrists send weekly newsletters about upcoming events and promotions; other use a blog to communicate.  Some do both.  Discovering what feels most comfortable and suitable for your business can help you decide which outlets are best for you so that you can best highlight your services.  Your web developer will be able to more fully discuss these options with you.

Search Engine Friendly Websites


Search Engine Friendly Websites


Each search engine employs different parameters in their search function. Professional website designers spend a lot of time staying current with these parameters so that their clients’ websites are found when anyone runs a search.   Sure, some clients will come to you by word of mouth, but most likely, they will find your business by running an internet search for an eye care provider in their area.  Websites built with a template or website builder tool won’t be as search engine friendly.  You also won’t have the support of professional insight into changing industry standards.  You may have a visually pretty website, but if it doesn’t constantly reach new clients and offer a platform to share information with existing clients, why should you invest in one?

Browser Compatibility

People use many different web browsers to access their favorite sites.  Business owners want the web presence that they publish to appear the same regardless of the browser that a client uses.  This is not guaranteed with template websites.  With those types of cookie-cutter sites, you may find that what looks great on one particular browser doesn’t translate well in another.  This lack of uniformity can detract from your business’ credibility in the eyes of a consumer.  Another aspect to consider is how your website will look on cellphones and tablets.  The rise in the popularity of mobile technology is a benefit to business owners, but it also represents challenges.  A professional web designer will ensure that no matter how potential clients find your business, they will have the same experiences and receive the same information.  This specialized knowledge and attention to detail are what you get when you invest the time and money to build a professionally designed site.  It is not what you will get if you take shortcuts with a template.

Going through the website design process doesn’t have to be a difficult process.  It does require thought and exploration.  A professional website developer will work with you to develop the product your need.  They will also work to stay within your budget while also highlighting the various website functions that you may find useful to promote your business.  The time is well spent.

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