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Online Marketing on a Budget for Dentists and Physicians

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We all understand the value of online marketing and the power it holds in influencing the upward or downward trend of businesses. Your competitors are using this tool to build their practices and you must too. The market for new patients in the healthcare industry is highly competitive and aggressive.

When a client starts an Adwords campaign the usual cost per click ranges between $5-$15. On average, a doctor will pay $10 per click when he/she is running his own campaign. At Optimized360, we can do it for about half of that price. We are the #1 choice physicians and dentists turn to for cost-effective solutions with immediate results. How is this possible?

4 Reasons Online Marketing Through Us Costs Less


How to save money


1. We are highly experienced in Adwords and Ad Campaigns. With more than 2 million ad impressions and 20,000 clicks each month, our marketing team knows how to eliminate waste and cut costs.Practical discounted rate based on high-quality campaigns. Google charges a lower rate for higher quality keywords/ads. We have a

2. Practical discounted rate based on high-quality campaigns. Google charges a lower rate for higher quality keywords/ads. We have a well-established account with Google that houses several of our ongoing campaigns. This allows us to share the savings with our clients.

3. We plan for your daily budget — Don’t spend more than you want. If you have a daily budget of $100 and it costs $5 per click, your ad will keep making impressions until your budget is met. But remember, it only costs if someone interested clicks on your ad.

4. Using advanced technology, Optimized360 does better geo-targeting, better campaign setup, better keyword match type selection, better ad quality, better ad group configuration, better ad/keyword matching, better ad titles and ultimately higher click through rate. The click-through rate is determined by how many times an ad is clicked per 100 times it is displayed or makes an impression.

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