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Lead Generation and Conversion for Medical Practices

Medical and dental marketing strategies share a common goal. Convert website visitors to patients while maintaining a great return on investment, right? Unfortunately, not every lead is ready to jump on board as soon as they land. It takes time to build a relationship online. Just because your website looks incredible, they will likely peruse some content and continue to shop around for a bit. The more relevant the content is to their specific situation, the more likely they are to return to your website for answers. A lead generation strategy is one of a number of medical marketing ideas that will bring patients through your door. Analyzing how specific leads are performing will help you narrow your focus. It is wise to spend time and resources on leads that generate more conversions.

Make sure your website meets the needs of current and prospective patients no matter where they are in the sales funnel. Visitors who are aware they are in need of chiropractic intervention are going to begin searching for local chiropractic websites. They will then begin to consider their prospects. This middle stage is where you have the opportunity to shine with the quality of your content. When visitors reach the decision stage, the relationship you have built with your online presence has already turned them into a warm lead, so you are likely to earn the conversion.

What can I do to boost my website’s conversion rate?


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Know Your Target Audience

Generally speaking, chiropractors will target a different group of customers than will orthodontists. Buyer personas are created to help you focus on a specific group of people. While they are fictitious profiles, they provide your marketing team with a picture of your ideal patients.

Quality leads are more likely to come from your target audience. By spending time analyzing how you can meet the needs of a specific group, you dive deeply into the details that will bring them back to your website until they are ready to commit.

Update Content Consistently

Weekly updates to your blog are ideal. If this is impractical at this point, it is better to update according to a consistent schedule. Visitors will come to know when new content will be available and will expect it. Expect to stay consistent for about six months before you see a significant increase in conversions. Social media accounts should be updated more frequently. These updates can be shorter and simply keep patients informed of new offers and changes in your practice.

Be patient. One or two pieces of content are not going to change your conversion rate overnight significantly. Content-based marketing works on the premise that there is power in building an online relationship with your target audience. As you cultivate relationships, your website generates more traffic which then turns into leads. As a bonus, search engines like the increase in activity and the consistent updates of relevant content.

Optimize Your Website

Optimized360 works to put you on your local map by creating a local business listing for your practice. When people search for a chiropractor, dentist, or physician in your area, it is Google Maps that will pop-up. This is known as local optimization and is key to ensuring you rise above your local competition.

Onsite SEO is built into the design of your site. As web crawlers explore your site, they look for a variety of relevant keywords and phrases along with relevant content. Too much of the wrong thing will not do the trick. It is better to offer less content that has proven to be relevant than an abundance of content that overwhelms.

Use Social Media to Your Advantage


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Social media offers the perfect platform to build relationships to move visitors from awareness to consideration and finally into a decision. Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter give people a chance to visit you and share experiences with current patients, thus building you up as a credible expert in your field. You have the opportunity to warm those leads up by showing them how your services will provide them with solutions to their problems.

Establish a Method for Requesting Patient Reviews

Happy patients are often happy to leave good reviews if it is convenient for them. Perhaps setting up an iPad or tablet that connects to your review page at the checkout desk is a good place to start. Office staff uses their rapport with current patients to request a quick review before the patient leaves. Another option is to email a thank you and a link to patients who are in a hurry, but willing to share their positive experience with others.

Online reviews and testimonials build your credibility. People will trust other people who are not affiliated with your practice more than they will trust an educational blog post. Reviews are often the factor that moves a lead from the second to the third level of the sales funnel.

Target Your PPC

PPC ads produce the best results when the ads only appear on the pages of people who searched for specific keywords or phrases. AdWords can be customized, so you avoid paying for clicks by people who are out of your area or not in need of your services. You save a significant amount of money and improve ROI when your ads are targeted. Leads that find you in this manner are better qualified and more likely to end in conversion down the road.

Use Effective Conversion Elements

Now that visitors have arrived on your website, how will you convince them to stay long enough to click that call to action button? Many medical and dental marketing strategies include offers for new and loyal patients. These conversion elements may not result in instant conversion, but they are frequently the reason people return to the site.

Language choice plays a role in how people react. Is the word “submit” appropriate when asking visitors to make an appointment? Calls to action should be prominent on each page. Make sure the benefits of clicking the call to action are crystal clear. Choices like “schedule an appointment,” or “request an appointment” are specific.

Patiently Await Results


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Incorporating lead generating tactics is part of an excellent long-term marketing campaign. Medical marketing ideas that build you up as a trustworthy authority in your field will generate leads over time. As website traffic increases and content is updated, more people will find you and explore your website. Medical and chiropractic websites that focus on creating leads will see conversions as the relationships move through the sales tunnel into the final decision stage.


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