Landing Page Optimization

Key Components to Build a Great Landing Page

Medical website design requires a thoughtful approach.  Medical professionals need to engage current clients and attract new ones with relevant, pertinent information.   One way to do that is through a dynamic landing page.  A landing page motivates visitors to take a specific action.  The action could involve signing up for a newsletter or exploring a press release.  Often, an incentive, such as offering additional information, will help drive the viewer to perform the desired action.  A great landing page will have all other distractions removed, such as links, so that the emphasis is on the desired action.   An attractive, well designed landing page will convey a clear message and motivate viewers to action.

Create a Specific Goal for the Landing Page

To create a great landing page, focus on the central goal for the page.  If the desired action is for the visitor to sign up for a newsletter, make sure that everything points to the sign up form.  The content on the page should describe the benefits of signing up and the types of information that they will be receiving.  It is also a good idea to let people know how often they will receive a newsletter from the practice.  Highlighting a subscription box in a different color will drive visitors to the intended action.

Define Your Target Audience


diagram of target audience icons being circled with red pen


Defining your target audience will help you decide what information to share and what to leave out.  This allows you to craft a very specific, targeted call to action that will create the desired results.  Understanding your target audience also allows you to tailor the language to terms that they use and understand or expand on topics that have interest to your prospective clients.  A great landing page engages, provides information and has the potential to increase the credibility of the physician as an authority in their field.  As an example, in optometric website design, the professional may decide to use a landing page for a newsletter sign up but they will also include client testimonials on the page to highlight success stories.  This level of personal engagement speaks directly to visitors in everyday language.  Including photographs or videos also draws people in.

Keep It Simple

While a landing page needs photographs and promotional text, it is fundamental that it remains simple and uncluttered.  The page needs to be professional, easy to navigate and attractive to motivate visitors to the intended action.  Text should be free from jargon and terms that may not be familiar to the general public.  Many web designers suggest simply using bulleted text with key points in the headlines.  This ensures that the key message is clearly conveyed even if the viewer only skims that page.  Lengthy landing pages might convey a great deal of information but few will spend the time to read all of the information and perform the intended action.  It is better to keep text as simple as possible.  The design of the page should be clear and uncluttered.  The focus needs to solely on the desired action.  All text, photographs and videos should support the benefits a viewer will receive if they engage with the physician’s practice.  For instance, in website design for dentists, visitors to the landing page might be encouraged to sign up for reminders for routine dental checkups.  This is a value add for today’s busy professionals and creates an avenue for the dentist to actively engage with clientele.

Key Components of a Landing Page


Landing page being planned out on glass pane


The headline is used to grab the reader.  The headline can be used to ask a thought provoking question or highlight a benefit that will be received if the desired action is performed.  This is followed by content that further outlines how the reader will benefit from taking the action.  In the case of a newsletter sign up, information about the frequency and types of information the viewer can expect to receive.  The content is often followed with a type of evidence such as client testimonials or success stories.  This is also a great place to include statistical information that would be interesting for prospective clients.  Many landing pages include social media buttons.  This allows visitors to engage with a practice in multiple ways.  Lastly, there is the call to action.  In the case of a newsletter sign up, the form should be simple and clearly highlighted by using a different color or outlining.  A form with a fewer fields will encourage more visitors to sign up.

Do Some Research


People conducting landing page research


Working with an experienced web designer who understands medical website design can help you develop an effective landing page that meets your specific goals.  As you begin the process, spend time visiting the websites of fellow practitioners.  This will help guide your thinking as you see what has worked for others in your field.  It will also help you to identify elements that would be attractive to your target population.  When you do meet with your web designer to discuss the landing page, you will have outlined for yourself the goal of the page, the message that you want to convey and who you are trying to reach.  Considering all of the elements upfront will make developing the actual page much easier.

Creating a great landing page for your medical practice can drive greater engagement with clients and attract new potential clients.  It is a method to engage visitors in your medical practice and encourage them toward a specific action such as learning more about your services or getting more information.  A well designed landing page can also increase credibility and establish the medical practitioner as an expert in their field.  The most important aspects of developing great landing pages is to develop a clear goal, tailor the message to the client and keep it simple.  An attractive page that is also easy to navigate will help you to best represent your practice to the public.  The most effective landing pages are short, sweet and to the point.

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